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Celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary with a meal at a Mongolian banquet.
Installed dishwasher (a present from Mum and Dad from my Dad’s retiral money).
Got very drunk three four times.
Had NO hangovers three mornings after (alas the fourth one did materialise).
Got new mobile phone. Had problems with new phone. Got new phone fixed (just about anyhoo).
Started work on the new fireplace in the living room.
Finished the Da Vinci Code, London Fields and some others… Yes I read some books.
Sent off my Tax Return.
Took some photos (!).
Started planning a camping holiday in France for next year.
Installed and played with WordPress.
And a myriad of other little things which brought me joy but don’t need reported here (long walks, time with family etc etc).

Site news: comment boxes should now be wider, and I’ll look at the left margin but it took me ages to get this layout cracked (content appears first) and I don’t wanna break anything. More random photos will be added as I start snapping with my camera phone.

And thanks for the comments. I DID have a good break thanks, and yeah it is kinda nice to be “back”. Now if I can just get the ole blogging engine fired up again we should be all set.

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Nine to go… hic!

Off out to dinner soon, having spent the day buying plants, planting plants, and moving plants under the watchful eye of the in-laws.

They’re quite handy.

And what odds that Lance Armstrong gets his record breaking sixth Tour de France this year?

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Well I know where I WON’T be going for a holiday any time soon, and they can put their Olympics where the sun don’t shine..

(OK, OK, France didn’t deserve to win. There. I said it).

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When the train driver keeps us informed of why our train has stopped and how long it will be before it starts again, I don’t mind at all.

When leaving the train, I actually felt sorry for the little bug that was trying to get out through the glass because I knew it’ll die on that train.

I shouldn’t get mad at anyone but myself when I push the wrong button on the remote sending BBCi into a coma instead of flicking to the France vs Sweden Switzerland game.

I should have left the pasta in the oven for another 5 minutes.

When did I last pick up a book?

Why is my back so sore?

Why aren’t I going to bed, I’ve got to get up early to make Louise breakfast in bed.

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Spent most of last night listening to the dulcet tones of my dear wife snorting and snoring and snuffling. Her sore throat has migrated to her head, and she’s sneezing and sniffing like a good ‘un.

And I think she’s passed it to me.

So what else is going on? The rise of the UKIP is a worry, anything that has Kilroy-Silk attached is NOT a good thing people! (preaching to the converted here though, aren’t I). The news that the rail network might be re-nationalised is a worry as, despite the cancelled train this morning, it’s been pretty good using the train to get to work. Re-nationalisation will mean scrapping routes, raising fares and generally making the car look like a much better option than it should be; there was a semi-related news item last week from California I think, where a group was campaigning for a bigger raise to the oil prices to make people use their cars less, might work? Ohhh and of course there is the news that some English fans decided that losing to France was justification enough to start fighting. Quelle surprise?

Site news: If I can be bothered I’ll be changing things here tonight. It’ll be work in progress for a while, as I’ve only really settled the structure but you’ve got to start somewhere I guess…

UPDATE: No I couldn’t be bothered. Might change it tomorrow.

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We fly on Saturday morning at 7:30 pm. I get the feeling that the next couple of days may drag a little so I’m doing my best to fill my time (and the iPod still!). I’m looking forward to it but there are a few reasons that make me ever so slightly unsure about how it will turn out.

1. We are staying with my in-laws. I’ve stated before that I get on very well with my in-laws so it’s not really an issue, more to the point is the fact that we are staying in someone else’s house for two weeks. Will our routines clash? Will they mind me wandering about naked when it’s too hot (at night of course)? Will they have shreddies or just weetabix for breakfast?

2. Our wedding anniversary is in the middle of the holiday. We will go out for a nice meal to celebrate and then… er… not celebrate it that ‘other’ way… unless the beach is quiet of course.

3. This is the first holiday abroad that Louise and I have had in seven years (our last being our honeymoon). I’m not sure that either of us remember what to do… I’m guessing sit by the pool, read books, get a tan, coupled with the occasional wander round the local market and visiting the local attractions… hmmm yeah that sounds about right.

4. Spanish! My spanish is awful. Having only ever been to France until I was 20, I still find myself reverting to the tried and trusted “I’m in a different country, I must speak French” method (which is very confusing when I visit friends in England…). Now where did I put that phrasebook?

Actually, it’s not really much to worry about, is it. Truth be told I’m soooo looking forward to this holiday that I’d happily sleep on the floor of the local jail. It’s amazing what some people will do for two weeks off work, isn’t it. So, any holiday tips for me? Been taking Vitamin B1 (to keep away the mozzies), have plenty of lotion and after sun, the E111 will get stamped tomorrow, and have narrowed the book choice down to 10. What have I missed?

Listening to: Lemon Jelly – Elements

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“You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America’s Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn’t want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named ‘Bush’, ‘Dick’, and ‘Colon.’ Need I say more?”
Chris Rock

(via my sister – queen of forwarding)

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To market, to market…
An unexpected bonus today. We headed into Glasgow (to buy a couple of birthday cards which I’ve only just realised we forgot to do) and came across a ‘European’ market running in Sauciehall Street. Belgian, Spanish, French, Germany and English stalls were represented. I got some Merguez but I will abstain from waxing lyrically about childhood holidays to France as I’m on my Dad’s PC and, hey hang on, he’s got broadband, I can take as long as I like (but my coffee will get cold).

Tomorrow we will be motoring up and down Loch Lomond in my friends boat. If the weather is as glorious as today I’ll be a happy bunny.

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