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Following on from the Secret Agent documentary on the BNP last night, BBC Breakfast had a debate about whether or not members of the BNP should be prosecuted. One advocate of free speech stated, repeatedly, that anyone should be allowed to say what they want as it was up to “me” to make up my own mind, and that censorship was an insult to the intelligence of the British public.

Sheesh. “The intelligence of the British public” is rapidly becoming an oxymoron of staggering depth. If the British public can “see how stupid these people are” thanks to free speech, then why did the BNP manage to increase their portion of the vote during the recent European elections? Same can be said of the UKIP.

Mind you the same could be said of Hitler, but then we are all well enough educated that we won’t make that kind of mistake again… right?

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Spent most of last night listening to the dulcet tones of my dear wife snorting and snoring and snuffling. Her sore throat has migrated to her head, and she’s sneezing and sniffing like a good ‘un.

And I think she’s passed it to me.

So what else is going on? The rise of the UKIP is a worry, anything that has Kilroy-Silk attached is NOT a good thing people! (preaching to the converted here though, aren’t I). The news that the rail network might be re-nationalised is a worry as, despite the cancelled train this morning, it’s been pretty good using the train to get to work. Re-nationalisation will mean scrapping routes, raising fares and generally making the car look like a much better option than it should be; there was a semi-related news item last week from California I think, where a group was campaigning for a bigger raise to the oil prices to make people use their cars less, might work? Ohhh and of course there is the news that some English fans decided that losing to France was justification enough to start fighting. Quelle surprise?

Site news: If I can be bothered I’ll be changing things here tonight. It’ll be work in progress for a while, as I’ve only really settled the structure but you’ve got to start somewhere I guess…

UPDATE: No I couldn’t be bothered. Might change it tomorrow.

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