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I’m still ripping CD after CD after CD into MP3 format. I’m stashing all the CDs in boxes and lugging them up into the loft alongwith the CD towers (which might go out later but for now can live up there out of the road… yes yes, we’ll declutter the loft as well).

I have… sorry… we have… no, actually, bugger that. Louise has maybe 30 CDs out of 600 or so and I’m the one doing all the work here… so..

I have another 3 CD towers to go (Benno from IKEA if you must know, 6ft tall, about 12 CDs wide), and going by the previous 2, I reckon that each tower has about 20 or so CDs that I’ve not ripped to MP3. It’s still time-consuming to check them all but it’s not as bad as actually having to rip every single one.

Thing is, I reckon by the time I finish I’ll have over 100GB of music (currently at 94GB and rising). That is, even for a music lover like me, patently ridiculous.

I may start deleting some tracks.

Now, that previous sentence may look quite short, the construction is simple and grammatically speaking it isn’t the most challenging to consider. So let me make sure you fully understand me here, and that you are paying attention because that was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write here.

And not only is it not easy to write but it’s not that easy to do either. There is a lot of classical stuff in there and that tends to take up a lot of space, not to mention all the Xmas tracks which are only dragged out in the month of December. I am very much an album kinda guy as well so deleting individual tracks really just isn’t on. I guess it’s just as well that hard-disks are so cheap these days, and it does mean that my iTunes memes should be more entertaining in the future.

Speaking of which, when was the last time anyone helped propagate a meme? Have they died out? Another passing fad gone the way of the Hampsterdance? I might just have to do something about that.


We fly on Saturday morning at 7:30 pm. I get the feeling that the next couple of days may drag a little so I’m doing my best to fill my time (and the iPod still!). I’m looking forward to it but there are a few reasons that make me ever so slightly unsure about how it will turn out.

1. We are staying with my in-laws. I’ve stated before that I get on very well with my in-laws so it’s not really an issue, more to the point is the fact that we are staying in someone else’s house for two weeks. Will our routines clash? Will they mind me wandering about naked when it’s too hot (at night of course)? Will they have shreddies or just weetabix for breakfast?

2. Our wedding anniversary is in the middle of the holiday. We will go out for a nice meal to celebrate and then… er… not celebrate it that ‘other’ way… unless the beach is quiet of course.

3. This is the first holiday abroad that Louise and I have had in seven years (our last being our honeymoon). I’m not sure that either of us remember what to do… I’m guessing sit by the pool, read books, get a tan, coupled with the occasional wander round the local market and visiting the local attractions… hmmm yeah that sounds about right.

4. Spanish! My spanish is awful. Having only ever been to France until I was 20, I still find myself reverting to the tried and trusted “I’m in a different country, I must speak French” method (which is very confusing when I visit friends in England…). Now where did I put that phrasebook?

Actually, it’s not really much to worry about, is it. Truth be told I’m soooo looking forward to this holiday that I’d happily sleep on the floor of the local jail. It’s amazing what some people will do for two weeks off work, isn’t it. So, any holiday tips for me? Been taking Vitamin B1 (to keep away the mozzies), have plenty of lotion and after sun, the E111 will get stamped tomorrow, and have narrowed the book choice down to 10. What have I missed?

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