The Calendar Lies

Reading time: < 1 min I always forget how much I enjoy winter. Not all of it, I could happily live without seeing a pile of dirty, melting slush, but I do enjoy those crisp, clear mornings which still seem eerie and magical, a light dusting of ice, sprinkled over the land, glittering in the glow of sunrise. We were […]

10 kilometres

Reading time: 2 mins A little over 6 miles, and the last in the series of Polariod 10K races. It was this time last year that I started jogging, but one thing I’ve never mentioned is who spurred me into action. It was someone I bumped into at the end of last year’s race and if I seem him […]

Drawn to Water

Reading time: 4 mins Recently, Hg was musing on how he is “fascinated by the sparseness of the planet’s polar extremes and specifically by artistic responses to the territory”. He quote from Brian Keenan’s book, Four Quarters of Light, and it’s such a great quote that I have to repeat it here: “Wilderness to the creative mind is like […]


Reading time: 2 mins We had few plans for this weekend, which is fairly rare. However Sunday was my late mother-in-law’s birthday so we had already decided to go to Cashel where we have a tree planted in her memory. But before that we had a free Saturday and, after pottering about in the morning, we headed to Kelvingrove […]

Puppies and Mountains

Reading time: < 1 min What a wonderful weekend. Nothing much on Saturday, we pottered about the house for most of the day before heading down to visit our new god-puppies. I’ve not seen them for a week or so but they are growing up fast. They were very excited — I’ve got the scratch marks to prove it — […]

M.I. : Sunshine

Reading time: < 1 min Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find me a good forecast for this coming Sunday. I am only able to find ones that suggest it will be cloudy, or that it will be raining. This is not acceptable. Why, I hear you ask? For, this very Sunday, we will be living […]