The Calendar Lies

I always forget how much I enjoy winter. Not all of it, I could happily live without seeing a pile of dirty, melting slush, but I do enjoy those crisp, clear mornings which still seem eerie and magical, a light dusting of ice, sprinkled over the land, glittering in the glow of sunrise.

We were in Balloch yesterday morning, standing at the southern end of Loch Lomond, soaking in the view of the snow drenched mountains that march away into the distance. The mountain tops merging with the sky in an endless arc of glaring white, stunning.

Such days are few and far between and should be savoured all the more for it.

That aside, has anyone noticed that it’s only two weeks until Christmas!! Why didn’t anyone tell me…

As ever the calendar is already starting to bulge, I pick up my kilt on Wednesday for the office Christmas party on Saturday. Louise has her party the same night, handily in a hotel near my office so we are staying there rather than face the perils of a £40 taxi fare. I’ve still got a few presents to get, a couple for Louise and a few others. The car is in for a service a week today, and I think either one of us is out every night until Christmas Eve.

What is the rush I wonder?

Still, at least I have a couple of weeks at work to get my head sorted for next year and get some planning done. It’s a bit of a luxury and I’m going to take full advantage of it.


  1. Christmas party season, hey? I’m not sure if I should be thankful or not, but my place doesn’t do a big party, instead the departments all do their own thing. This year, we are doing tapas – we say no to turkey. The downside to that is that nothing is funded by the company, so it all gets a bit expensive.

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