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I can remember the first time I heard it, in the Clyde Bar in Helensburgh. Raw, explosive, vitriolic and, to my 17yr old ears, a spitting hammer blow through my music collection.

I bought the CD that weekend and as soon as I got home, rushed up to my room, closed the door (I’m not THAT rebellious), put it in the stereo and turned it up loud.

Thumping bass notes, screeching guitar and THAT refrain.


As a track it still has enough raw energy and youthful (misguided) attitude to remain an anthem to many an angsty, angry, acne-ridden youth, and through the “power of the internet” it’s now the Christmas number 1 for 2009.

And yes, I bought it. And yes I’m glad I did.

Not because of any “sticking it to the man” sympathies, as many have pointed out, Sony own both record labels so they win either way.

Not to get at X-Factor per se, as it at least drives me to source other forms of music and find richer seams of pleasure away from the (mostly) manufactured crap that peppers the charts.

Not (just) because, musically, I much prefer a good bit of noisy rock to yet another ballad.

And definitely not to “get at Joe”, who seems wholly likable and sounds a bit like Neil Sedaka to me and that’s no bad thing (really, it’s not).

Nope, I mainly just to placate that tiny piece of me that remains rebellious, the bit that gets tattoos. To have a small amount of “fuck it” in my life, to get away from the tensions and strains of being an adult.

That’s really all there is to it.

So I’m not really raging against the machine, more *mildly not too keen on the thingmabob.


(What are the odds? If he smashes the nail on the head again tomorrow I WON’T post it here, I promise)

I really don’t know how Scott Adams manages to tap into these things, or is the software industry REALLY that similar the world over?

As the discussion of what we call ourselves, how much we should earn, what we do, why and what we need to justify, and why few seem to really GET what we can offer to a company (but that last one is kinda our fault), continues to rage across two mailing lists, this seems timely:

(click for bigger)

Bloody hell, I WON ONE!
You are now reading, OFFICIALLY, the Best Manly Blog of last year! Go me! According to Timbo: “He’s a man, which is a good start. He’s Scottish, and as we all know all Scottish people are tough and therefore manly. He knows lots of technical things about Interweb thingy stuff and probably trucks and tanks. He runs, which is something only men are really any good at. See, very manly.”


OK. Enough.

This is boring the crap outta me now. Must be boring you.

But JESUS, who knew the human body could be so damn productive. Man-size Kleenex are just about doing their job, and I’ve gone through a box in less than 24 hours and STILL IT WON’T STOP!!!

I’m seriously just considering letting my nose run. I mean I can wash it off later, my clothes can be washed and I’m sure Louise … ahh.. yeah, she might mind.

I’ll be back after the weekend when, hopefully, I’ll have done more than watch movies, read books and blow my goddam nose every two fucking minutes.

Although I will say this.

Have you seen the Jimmy Stewart movie “Mr Smith goes to Washington”? I watched it today, for the first time, and towards the end, as his local home published newspaper gets in on the propaganda act, I couldn’t help thinking: That’s what the internet is now, a home published newspaper.

Yup, that’s about the limit of my thinking.

And yes, I’ve blown my nose twice during the writing of this post.


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Well done Coco.

Well done Scotland (hey we WON the second half 19 – 8!).

Ohh and there was that article in the newspaper (scroll down a bit for that).

Aside from that it was a fairly quiet weekend. Saturday saw me multi-tasking like a woman; finishing off some work, dealing with stroppy clients on the phone (kidding!), and getting the house into some sort of order as we had friends over on Saturday night.

I enjoyed a stroll to the shop on Sunday morning, glorious it was, very cold but the sun was blazing and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Headed through to Dumbarton to pick up my father-in-laws birthday present which will get shipped out to Spain today. Then on to dinner at my parents and then home in time for Crufts and 24.

The upcoming week will be a bit weird I think as I’ve got very little planned. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got plenty to DO, just no plans to do it!

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Well I know where I WON’T be going for a holiday any time soon, and they can put their Olympics where the sun don’t shine..

(OK, OK, France didn’t deserve to win. There. I said it).

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New Road Tax Rules (via Blue Witch).

If you are a driver, you know about this already. I wasn’t going to comment on it but it makes my blood boil and it’s my site and you can’t stop me and… ohh hang on I don’t need to revert to school ground antics, do I?

Essentially the new rules state: “If you don’t tax your vehicle on time, you will receive a penalty of up to £80. And if you continue to drive without a valid tax disc, you could be fined a minimum of £1,000.”

The DVLA will use it’s computers to check up on you, and if they don’t have notification that you’ve purchased a new tax disc when you should them – SLAP – £80 please.

Seemingly “The new rules are aimed at cracking down on individuals who do not tax their vehicles.” Errrr how is that? The people who don’t tax their cars WON’T be in the system will they?

Ohhh and if you can find any information that pertains to appealing against a fine, please let me know as it doesn’t seem possible.

There are a myriad of sub-issues with this, but ultimately I don’t see it as anything other than a method of getting more money from law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.

Or have I gotten it all wrong.

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