Dilbert does it again (again)

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(What are the odds? If he smashes the nail on the head again tomorrow I WON’T post it here, I promise)

I really don’t know how Scott Adams manages to tap into these things, or is the software industry REALLY that similar the world over?

As the discussion of what we call ourselves, how much we should earn, what we do, why and what we need to justify, and why few seem to really GET what we can offer to a company (but that last one is kinda our fault), continues to rage across two mailing lists, this seems timely:

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3 Replies to “Dilbert does it again (again)”

  1. Good.
    Was afraid the previous day’s might give any Boss manager-types straying across your site funny ideas……….you know how some like to clutch inanely at any straw that might help them to look good temporarily, but long enough to win a current battle, or jump up a rung leaving chaos behind them.

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