Well done Coco.

Well done Scotland (hey we WON the second half 19 – 8!).

Ohh and there was that article in the newspaper (scroll down a bit for that).

Aside from that it was a fairly quiet weekend. Saturday saw me multi-tasking like a woman; finishing off some work, dealing with stroppy clients on the phone (kidding!), and getting the house into some sort of order as we had friends over on Saturday night.

I enjoyed a stroll to the shop on Sunday morning, glorious it was, very cold but the sun was blazing and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Headed through to Dumbarton to pick up my father-in-laws birthday present which will get shipped out to Spain today. Then on to dinner at my parents and then home in time for Crufts and 24.

The upcoming week will be a bit weird I think as I’ve got very little planned. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got plenty to DO, just no plans to do it!