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OK. Enough.

This is boring the crap outta me now. Must be boring you.

But JESUS, who knew the human body could be so damn productive. Man-size Kleenex are just about doing their job, and I’ve gone through a box in less than 24 hours and STILL IT WON’T STOP!!!

I’m seriously just considering letting my nose run. I mean I can wash it off later, my clothes can be washed and I’m sure Louise … ahh.. yeah, she might mind.

I’ll be back after the weekend when, hopefully, I’ll have done more than watch movies, read books and blow my goddam nose every two fucking minutes.

Although I will say this.

Have you seen the Jimmy Stewart movie “Mr Smith goes to Washington”? I watched it today, for the first time, and towards the end, as his local home published newspaper gets in on the propaganda act, I couldn’t help thinking: That’s what the internet is now, a home published newspaper.

Yup, that’s about the limit of my thinking.

And yes, I’ve blown my nose twice during the writing of this post.


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