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A couple of things have prompted this post.

I seem to have been sucked into Twitter recently, I’m still not exactly sure why it appeals so much but it is annoyingly addictive whilst remaining relatively useless (to me). The odd snippet of information here and there is all well and good but I do wish I could find something a little more productive during the “down” minutes that, these days, find me heading towards Twitter. Twit.

One thing, and it’s been commented on elsewhere, is the tendency for people to use photos of themselves on the site, rather than the old school style graphical representations (the new ‘head’ up there on the banner in my case). This is not necessarily a bad thing, it does somewhat depend on the photo being used I guess, but still begs the question: “what prompted this change?”

I’ve not followed this trend, yet, for one very good reason. I don’t really have a photo of me that I like. Well there is one but it looks like I’ve got a plant growing out of my head, and it was about 2 stone ago and.. well, vanity is such a sin it would be a shame to waste it, right?

Today I spent a little time looking for tips on taking a good portrait photo, with the thinking that I’d set up my camera on the tripod, set the self-timer for stun and try to take one myself. The efforts are wholly uninspiring.

Now, if this was JUST for Twitter, then yes I’d probably just go with something daft, but I may need to have a “headshot” photo for other reasons (more on that later). Do I really need to go to a professional? I do know a couple of photographers who might gimme a few hints, or even offer a free (short) session but it does seem a little OTT. Mind you, I suppose all these people who already have headshots had to go through the same kind of thing.

In a related note, having recently used the rather fantastic vzaar to record a video to post with an item I was selling on eBay, I was reminded what my voice sounds like. I had forgotten how nasal I sound and that I have a tendency to mumble, ohh and of course I had forgotten the basic fact that I SOUND NOTHING LIKE I IMAGINE!

It’s odd how we build up our own idea of how we look, act and sound, yet the reality is usually further removed than many of us would like to admit. The truth of the matter is that I’m a little taller and thinner, than I imagine, my face is more defined, my voice is deeper and more authorative, and I’m never ever cute, just “dashing”. Yes, yes, that’s the truth of the matter and I won’t hear another word said on the topic.

Personal Musings

There seems to be a bit of a brew-haha gathering on blogland. Well sort of, but unless you read certain sites you’d never know so let me summarise for you.

Technorati are trying to establish themselves as THE auditors of the web, amongst other things they maintain a “Top 100 blogs” list which lists all the top linked sites. It’s currently questionable that this “A list” is reliable and accurate, with others spring up in competition – Feedster’s Top 500 for example (500 does seem a little OTT mind you).

BlogHer, the conference (movement?) aimed at increasing the standing of women in blogging, and featured the following debate topic: “The BlogHer Debate question for 2005 is this: Women bloggers, how do you want the world to learn about what you’re creating — if at all? Do you want to play by today’s rules or change the game? … Does the current link-based power structure matter to you?

The link will take you to a more detailed discussion of how we got to this point.

The general idea, and something I’ve discussed here before, is that the current way of ranking the A-list gives the older blogs more prominence than may be accurate and discounts the inputs from new blogs – the female angle at BlogHer stems from the early adoptance of the internet by male dominated establishments I.M.O. – and is gathering momentum.

People have started de-linking A-list sites (I have some in my blogroll on the right) and while it’s easy to think of all this as yet another storm in a teacup and nothing that is of real importance, and while it gives more credence to the “navel-gazing” charge given to a lot of blogs by the mainstream media, I think we may be at a fundamental point in blogging’s evolution. I’m not unique in this thought, far from it, but I’m not sure the ground swell of reaction is focussed in the right direction.

Instead of discounting the A-list shouldn’t we be challenging them? Saying to them “come on, you are in a position of influence, use it wisely”? The people who are linked to the most wield a lot of “link-power” and yet few (any?) use that to promote new or upcoming blogs. Part of the problem may be a question of recognising which blogs to link to, but as has been demonstrated elsewhere, if someone has a mind to it, and with a bit of self-promotion, you can place yourself on their radar quite easily.

There is a lot of talk surrounding this and other similar issues at the moment – top 100/500 lists, ranking stats, and so on. I think they are being given undue focus though, it’s almost as though some people forget what blogging is about. Distilled to it’s core, blogging is about content. Those with good content will prosper, those without will not. It really shouldn’t be any more difficult than that.

Should it?

Blogging Writing

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I am fated. It seems that I’m not allowed to read the Harry Potter books without having the endings, the “BIG SECRETS”, revealed to me before I’ve read the books.

The previous book was spoiled by a friend who didn’t realise I hadn’t read it yet, she was mortified (bless) and I’m not allowed to mention it as she genuinely feels really bad about it. We both read a lot of similar books and she knows how she’d feel if it had been spoiled for her I guess.

The current book was accidentally spoiled by a work colleague (who will remain nameless) who posted a link to a website which had, as it’s first entry, details of who dies and who kills the person that dies. Granted it might not be true but I had to laugh. I’m just not allowed to read these books in peace!

I’m not that bothered really, I enjoy the Harry Potter books, even if the hype surrounding them is a little OTT, but I’m not a fanatic. However if anyone spoils the next Rebus book I’ll be round their door sharpish with a large bat, aiming it squarely at their kneecaps.

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It’ll be a tad quiet here today, as I’m off to the hospital to get a mole removed. I’m not particularly attached to it and it’s a constant source of irritation so I’ll be quite pleased to get shot of the little bugger.

It’s right in the middle of my back and quite pronounced meaning that anytime I scrap my back along or down something it gets caught and … well it gives me a real sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for some reason, like really bad nerves. Odd that.

Mind you it’s not as odd as my wife’s request of a photo of it whilst it’s still attached*. As she put it “You’ve had it forever and after today it will be gone, forever”. Granted that’s a tad OTT considering we are talking about a mole and not, say, my left leg but she has a point. Today a very small part of me will be sliced off and thrown in the bin.

I’m feeling very disposable.

* like a good husband I acquiesced but no I won’t be posting it here.

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