I am fated. It seems that I’m not allowed to read the Harry Potter books without having the endings, the “BIG SECRETS”, revealed to me before I’ve read the books.

The previous book was spoiled by a friend who didn’t realise I hadn’t read it yet, she was mortified (bless) and I’m not allowed to mention it as she genuinely feels really bad about it. We both read a lot of similar books and she knows how she’d feel if it had been spoiled for her I guess.

The current book was accidentally spoiled by a work colleague (who will remain nameless) who posted a link to a website which had, as it’s first entry, details of who dies and who kills the person that dies. Granted it might not be true but I had to laugh. I’m just not allowed to read these books in peace!

I’m not that bothered really, I enjoy the Harry Potter books, even if the hype surrounding them is a little OTT, but I’m not a fanatic. However if anyone spoils the next Rebus book I’ll be round their door sharpish with a large bat, aiming it squarely at their kneecaps.