Images of self

Reading time: 2 mins A couple of things have prompted this post. I seem to have been sucked into Twitter recently, I’m still not exactly sure why it appeals so much but it is annoyingly addictive whilst remaining relatively useless (to me). The odd snippet of information here and there is all well and good but I do wish […]

This, that and the other

Reading time: 2 mins Yesterday’s post highlighted something for me, namely that I really REALLY need to get the miniblog area of my sidebar sorted out. At the moment it pulls from a account but that means you can’t comment on it, which kind of defeats the purpose for me. The miniblog is supposed to be just that, […]

Guilty Pleasures

Reading time: 2 mins Sometimes I loathe our TV, despite paying for the “all the channels, yes even the poker ones” some nights there is just NOTHING ON! Quite frankly it’s ridiculous and it’s all that Murdoch’s fault, sometimes I wish I wasn’t addicted to Sky+… Mind you at other times it offers day long TV marathons and next […]


Reading time: < 1 min Bit busy so a few quick thoughts. ~ Remember that musical meme which went round in January? Well I’ve been spotting it all over the place in the last couple of days. Apparently it’s hit the “design” guys and gals. I used to think that they set the trends, but it seems like we are […]


Reading time: < 1 min Well I’ve just been chastised for not mentioning that Louise was away at a hen weekend. So there you go Susan, I’ve mentioned it. Seemingly it was a debauched weekend of spa treatments, shopping, drinking, silver vibrators, and the like. Your typically hen weekend. I’m not sure what else to say about it other than […]