It’ll be a tad quiet here today, as I’m off to the hospital to get a mole removed. I’m not particularly attached to it and it’s a constant source of irritation so I’ll be quite pleased to get shot of the little bugger.

It’s right in the middle of my back and quite pronounced meaning that anytime I scrap my back along or down something it gets caught and … well it gives me a real sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for some reason, like really bad nerves. Odd that.

Mind you it’s not as odd as my wife’s request of a photo of it whilst it’s still attached*. As she put it “You’ve had it forever and after today it will be gone, forever”. Granted that’s a tad OTT considering we are talking about a mole and not, say, my left leg but she has a point. Today a very small part of me will be sliced off and thrown in the bin.

I’m feeling very disposable.

* like a good husband I acquiesced but no I won’t be posting it here.