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What the…

How does this happen?!

Anyway, life continues apace (it seems). Holidays are being booked, cars being pondered, and still in the background a website remains unfinished. Must. Get. It. Done.

Weight continues to fluctuate, the last two weeks I’ve been ill (again) and as the course of antibiotics finishes I’m getting back on track, and back on my bike. Need to get rid of 5kg ASAP!

I know I work best when I have a goal so my first is a 50-mile pootle along the Forth & Clyde canal on the 20th May. Plan is to cycle to work a few times, and hopefully fit in a couple of weekend cycles from Glasgow to Balloch as well to get my legs moving. Add in a few games of basketball, the occasional game of badminton and I should be back on track in no time.

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Idiots: Take 1

Orange have dropped my line rental by 20%. Yay.

Orange have offered me an upgrade on my handset, and I hate my current handset. Yay.

That would mean a new 18mth contract. Boo.

And despite having chosen the phone on Monday, I was told yesterday that I’m in the “wrong band”. Boo.

(That last one is odd, I’ve never even been in a band, unless you count noodling around on keyboards in Martin Gillespie’s garage when I was 14….)

This is not the first time I’ve ended up having to chase two different Orange departments because THEY screwed up. So, as soon as I can, I’m off to O2.

Idiots: Take 2

I put up an item on eBay and it sold for £97. Yay.

The buyer had no history, whilst ALL the other bidders did. Hmmmmm.

eBay pulled the item because of ‘rogue activity’ on the buyers account. Nuts.

Because the item was pulled, I have to go through the entire listing process again, rather than just clicking “Relist”. Boo.

I received an email from “paypal” to tell me the funds were in, and could I ship the items to an address in Nigeria. When I say paypal, the email came from officeemail.net but hey, they’d transferred £127 into my Paypal acc… ohh wait, they didn’t. Boo.

Idiots: Take 3

I filled my iPod with some music yesterday, planning to bring it into work so I can get my head down as there are a few items that have just leaped in priority and I want to get them done ASAP.

iPod remains sitting on my desk at home. Boo.

And finally…

Apparently it is now Spring. This is evidenced by the fact that is grey, cold, windy and raining.

You know what, I think chocolate will feature in my food diary today…


Don’t hate me.


I don’t do this kind of thing on purpose. Honest I don’t.

But it does seem to follow a pattern, doesn’t it.

Ohh wait, you don’t know what I’m talking about yet, do you.

Let’s start over.

Don’t hate me.


But I’m really REALLY busy and just want to jot down everything in my head so that I don’t forget. I COULD do that on a piece of paper of course but then that wouldn’t get posted and as I’m feeling that weird bloggers remorse thing of not posting regularly then.. well… ohh look. It’s my bloody blog. If you don’t want to read on, then don’t. Presuming anyone has gotten this far (I’m beginning to bore myself actually).

I’m still loving my job. It no longer feels like a new job so I’ve dropped that adjective, but it’s still good. Getting a little hectic though but nothing more than usual chaos that surrounds every product release I’ve ever been involved with, at every company I’ve ever worked at. Thankfully we don’t have project managers here, hovering over our desks with Gantt charts and cost-analysis sheets. It’s quite refreshing to be left with only your professional pride to keep you in check, it’s quite a powerful motivator as it turns out.

As well as product release stuff, I’m also looking ahead to early next year, planning what the team will be focussing on next time and that particular piece of thinking is growing wings everytime another thread is introduced.

Hang on, I just broke my own analogy. Put it this way, in a nutshell full of winged threads:

If we (the team) undertake long term project A, it will make short term project B easier for us, but likely kick off other short term projects (for other people) in which we’ll need to be involved as they’ll directly impact on B, with the knock-on effect of slowing down A. Considering A is all about being faster and more efficient.. well that’s not a good thing.

I realise that makes no sense to anyone but it’s the first time I’ve written it down and *ping* I think I understand it a little better now. It does make senses if you know what A, B and ‘other’ mean. Promise.

Elsewhere I’ve been slacking off. Almost a full month of not doing anything purely because no-one was chasing me. I feel a little guilty as I promised two freebies, so I’ll try and blast them out ASAP. Then I need to properly consider a new design template, and there is the not inconsiderable event that will see me stand in a room of my peers, and present my thoughts and experiences of using a Wiki in the workplace. Must make time to go over the presentation a couple more times I think..

I’m also still ripping CDs, they last batch (100 or so) are piled on my desk to try and force me to deal with them, but if I just shove them over to the wall a little then.. yeah, there is PLENTY of room to work, I’ll get to them later…

Photos will be next of course, and for that I really want to clear the space so I can get the scanner up on the desk, rather than tucked away on top of a set of drawers. But to do that, I’ll need to clear the desk… of CDs. Dammit.

Lastly there is a rather large occasion looming on the horizon. I’m doing my best to ignore it but, to be honest, we’ll need to make a start. Only a few weeks I’ll be lugging boxes of decorations and nonsense down from the loft and then there will be no escaping the fact, Christmas will have arrived.

I’m not moaning about any of this, far from it, it saves me from sitting watching crap TV (like that Strictly Come Saturday Factor thing that seems to be on every channel at the same time) and means that I’m saved of any DIY projects until at least February.

“Sorry darling but I’m just soooo very busy, and I promised I’d get it done, you wouldn’t want me to let people down, would you?”

Every cloud and all that.


I’m having some issues with comments being moderated. I’ve got WordPress set to allow immediate publishing of comments for people who fill in their name and email, and who have had a comment previously approved. The latter option doesn’t seem to be working though, hence the delay in some of your comments appearing on the screen. I’ll get it fixed ASAP.


… I’ve got a new camera to play with. A belated birthday present from my darling wife.

… I’m burning CDs for my father-in-law in Spain. Hopefully I can delete them afterwards but Louise has similar tastes in music so I fear that Shakin’ Stevens and Showaddywaddy will be appearing on my last.fm account at some point in the future.

… I’m finalising a letter of complaint to the Bank, to be posted tomorrow. Thanks to Lyle, hans and Blue Witch for their help.

… I’m waiting up until midnight when our cheque finally clears, so I can shift the funds about where they need to go. OK, so I could just do this tomorrow but I’ve waited this long and it’s getting done ASAP.

… I’m trying to dry out after my run this evening – chucking it down it was and I loved every damp soggy (twenty) minute(s) of it! I’ve not got the Nike+ setup yet though, gonna try that on holiday I think. Yes, I’m going running whilst on holiday.

… I need to remember to get my suit dry cleaned. Er… just because.

… I really should’ve hung the new blinds in the kitchen. We bought them about three weeks ago and they’ve slowly migrated from the kitchen, to the dining area, and finally upstairs to my ‘office’.

… I’m typing up answers to those questions from a while back so that I’ll have stuff here for you to read, whilst I’m lazing in the sun on the roof terrace next week. Chilled beverage in hand, trashy thriller cast aside, iPod blaring out “Best of Bananarama” (which was the first CD I ever bought).

Of course this post is completely usurping my non-blogging. But we’ll ignore that.


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Blimey, ever get one of those weeks when, all of a sudden, EVERYTHING starts to happen? Now so of the following I knew was coming up, but the majority of it has kinda snuck up on me.

At work we are counting to down to a minor release, hoping to get everything done for the end of the week. Nothing too stressful in that but it does mean a lot of last minute chasing of bits and bobs.

We are currently re-mortgaging as the fixed rate period for our current mortgage runs out after the next payment. We’ve got a deal we want, and the paperwork has just popped through the door. Need to get on that ASAP or we’ll end up paying another month of our old mortgage and that’ll cost us £85!

Having spotted some cheap flights to Spain we need to get them booked ASAP before the rates go up. However we need to wait until we get the mortgage stuff sorted out, if we have to pay that additional £85 we won’t be able to book the flights (they are only £70 return at the moment!).

And we are away for a few days from Thursday next week, which we are both looking forward to, but of course that shrinks the timescale and it wouldn’t surprise me if the lawyer dealing with our re-mortgaging will ‘urgently’ need something signed whilst we are away. Sod and his flippin’ laws…

Ohh yes, and we are getting quotes for a new front door (the old one is needing replaced) which we’ll need to get done before the winter, I’ve got two websites to design, with a third on the horizon, and we need to spend a day in the garden at some point as the weeds are starting to creep back! I need to find a venue for the next Scottish blogmeet, I’m helping a mate with some DIY in a couple of weeks, we need to visit the caravan to pick up some DVDs and our spare Sky box, I need to buy a long sleeved top for running, and my Mum’s birthday is coming up…

OK OK, so everyone is always busy, but why does it always come in spurts like this?

In other news: Pringles “Gourmet (ha ha) Flame-Grilled Steak and Caramelised Onion Flavour” crisps are rubbish.


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Busy busy busy
“Chop chop, busy busy, work work, bang bang”*

We have more projects than people and I am pretty much flat out (except for the 60 secs it takes to type this thought) and despite all the stuff I need to get done ASAP, I’m bored.

Mind you I have found a little rip in my jeans which I’m pretty sure I can worry into a large hole by the end of the day… does that count as achievement?

*I wish I could remember what that was from… Marmalade Atkins popped into my head, but I’m not sure why…

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caterina.net – if Jesus was alive… LOL

Joe takes A Stand Against Pop-under ads! (ASAP).

And Leia lets us peek at her breasts – but please go back to see the new design (coming soon!).

Ohhh and while we are at it… chatter & speechtherapy are still high on the ‘required reading’ list (although I do like Jason’s (can I call you that Mr.Kottke?) ‘Not recommended at all’ list, which proves once again that there are better minds out there than mine. No honestly…

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