I'm not blogging because…

… I’ve got a new camera to play with. A belated birthday present from my darling wife.

… I’m burning CDs for my father-in-law in Spain. Hopefully I can delete them afterwards but Louise has similar tastes in music so I fear that Shakin’ Stevens and Showaddywaddy will be appearing on my last.fm account at some point in the future.

… I’m finalising a letter of complaint to the Bank, to be posted tomorrow. Thanks to Lyle, hans and Blue Witch for their help.

… I’m waiting up until midnight when our cheque finally clears, so I can shift the funds about where they need to go. OK, so I could just do this tomorrow but I’ve waited this long and it’s getting done ASAP.

… I’m trying to dry out after my run this evening – chucking it down it was and I loved every damp soggy (twenty) minute(s) of it! I’ve not got the Nike+ setup yet though, gonna try that on holiday I think. Yes, I’m going running whilst on holiday.

… I need to remember to get my suit dry cleaned. Er… just because.

… I really should’ve hung the new blinds in the kitchen. We bought them about three weeks ago and they’ve slowly migrated from the kitchen, to the dining area, and finally upstairs to my ‘office’.

… I’m typing up answers to those questions from a while back so that I’ll have stuff here for you to read, whilst I’m lazing in the sun on the roof terrace next week. Chilled beverage in hand, trashy thriller cast aside, iPod blaring out “Best of Bananarama” (which was the first CD I ever bought).

Of course this post is completely usurping my non-blogging. But we’ll ignore that.

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Doing my best to find a balance.

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