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Idiots: Take 1

Orange have dropped my line rental by 20%. Yay.

Orange have offered me an upgrade on my handset, and I hate my current handset. Yay.

That would mean a new 18mth contract. Boo.

And despite having chosen the phone on Monday, I was told yesterday that I’m in the “wrong band”. Boo.

(That last one is odd, I’ve never even been in a band, unless you count noodling around on keyboards in Martin Gillespie’s garage when I was 14….)

This is not the first time I’ve ended up having to chase two different Orange departments because THEY screwed up. So, as soon as I can, I’m off to O2.

Idiots: Take 2

I put up an item on eBay and it sold for ยฃ97. Yay.

The buyer had no history, whilst ALL the other bidders did. Hmmmmm.

eBay pulled the item because of ‘rogue activity’ on the buyers account. Nuts.

Because the item was pulled, I have to go through the entire listing process again, rather than just clicking “Relist”. Boo.

I received an email from “paypal” to tell me the funds were in, and could I ship the items to an address in Nigeria. When I say paypal, the email came from but hey, they’d transferred ยฃ127 into my Paypal acc… ohh wait, they didn’t. Boo.

Idiots: Take 3

I filled my iPod with some music yesterday, planning to bring it into work so I can get my head down as there are a few items that have just leaped in priority and I want to get them done ASAP.

iPod remains sitting on my desk at home. Boo.

And finally…

Apparently it is now Spring. This is evidenced by the fact that is grey, cold, windy and raining.

You know what, I think chocolate will feature in my food diary today…

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I read that as “current mood: randy”.

I generally don’t broadcast THAT mood as:

a. my Mother reads this
b. I’m a guy, it’s just a given, no?

“So, as soon as I can, Iโ€™m off to O2.”

Could that possibly be because of a shiny new phone that only O2 carries? I’m only asking because since I got an iPod touch, I’ve been counting the days until the end of my contract with T-Mobile next October. It is that good, and I’m now using it for everything (via wifi) except, of course, calls.

Clever Apple…

Maybe. The one thing that is stopping me getting an iPhone (that IS the phone of which you speak, yes?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) is the price.

That and I’m tempted to wait for the next version, just for once in my life! I’m fed up being bitten as an early adopter…

Contract runs out in June so… c’mon Apple, what’s in store!!

The ยฃ35 a month contract with the iPhone and O2 is much better now then when it first launched. I’ve been upgraded from 300 minutes and 200 texts to 600 minutes and 500 texts for the same price. I believe now this is the standard for the cheapest contract fee.

Plus, it’s quite a nice phone ๐Ÿ™‚

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