Back at it

Reading time: 3 mins I am nothing if not consistently repetitive; I’ve posted about running, couch to 5KM apps, jogging groups (jogScotland), completing an organised 10KM race, going to the gym for bootcamps and sticking with it through to lifting weights (140kg squat, 140kg deadlift, 90kg bench press PBs), to rediscovering cycling in a big way through COVID lockdown […]

Today is now

Reading time: 7 mins I’m a sucker for a plan. I consider myself a goal driven guy. The type of person that’ll find the motivation they need by setting a goal, then doubling down by adding a healthy dose of guilt when I publicly state my intentions. I’ve always got half a mind on finding new challenges which inevitably […]

When plans change

Reading time: 3 mins I’ve been goal driven most of my adult life, it’s part of who I am and over the last few years I’ve been slowly changing my approach to it so I’m confident that these days it’s a healthy thing, not a potentially self-sabotaging mechanism. Which is just as well as, somewhat predictably, my goals for […]

My A to Z of cycling

Reading time: 2 mins Over the past couple of years itโ€™s fair to say that cycling has become my main hobby. Like most hobbies it started out innocuously enough but quickly became a focus that consumed more and more of my time and thoughts. Safe to say Iโ€™ve been on a learning curve (and still am) and I often […]

NOT more to life than this

Reading time: 3 mins At present, I really only have three topics of conversation. 1. The dogs.2. The baby.3. Cycling. And no, they aren’t in a specific order. Of course, there is more to life than those three things (apparently?) – those on my Instagram can attest that I’m still treating myself well with delicious foodstuffs if nothing else […]

Congratulations to me

Reading time: 3 mins I’ve never been very good at praising myself. Achievements don’t land, or sit, for very long. It’s something I’ve learned the hard way, and whilst my tendency to just brush things off once I’ve done them is my default so in an effort combat that I’m just going to say this. Well done me! Yesterday […]