Last week…

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Hello all, apologies for my absence last week, couldn’t be helped, c’est la vie and all that. So a quick catchup. Last week was my induction week for Graham Technology and the only downside is that it made me feel very old. This is only because the majority of the other ‘new starts’ were fresh…

Falling behind

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I am being very tardy with this here blog, my sincerest of apologisingness. There is a perfectly good excuse, I’m sure, but it’s probably more fun if you pick one yourself. I’d probably go with “too busy” but the problem with that is that, whilst it’s kinda true, I’ve not been THAT busy. Anyhoo. I…

Hear me blog!

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As someone else somewhere recently commented (can’t remember who or where, sorry!) blogging can be said to be like “shouting into a very large hole in the ground”. I only mention that particular metaphor as it’s a fairly accurate description when you consider the core problem with those new to the blog world – scale….


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So it seems that, having talked to one journalist on the phone, emailed another with my thoughts on “Scottish Blogging” and having been asked if there was a “photo opportunity” for today, there is a very good chance that my slightly off-putting mug will be adorning a page in The Sunday Times Scotland this coming…



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It seems the Scottish Sunday Times is gearing up for a piece or two on blogging (Scottish blogging perhaps?). More later, still speculating.