bookmark_borderLast week…

Hello all, apologies for my absence last week, couldn’t be helped, c’est la vie and all that.

So a quick catchup. Last week was my induction week for Graham Technology and the only downside is that it made me feel very old. This is only because the majority of the other ‘new starts’ were fresh out of university, thus limiting conversations about, say, the Smash aliens, or even about how you found information on the internet before Google existed. I am old.

Other than that it was an excellent week, very informative and even this old head learned something new. They even managed to hold Graham Technology’s 21st birthday party on Friday night, and there are rumours that I was drinking tequila and dancing like a loon. Rumours. Honest.

And so to Saturday and the arrival of my new PC.

Ha. Fucking. ha.

Walsh Western, you are a shower of incompetent wankfucks.

And that, via a few games of rugby and a very dodgy movie (National Treasure, which apparently thinks it doesn’t need a storyline), brings us to Monday morning. I’m off to listen to Neon Bible in preparation for the Arcade Fire gig tonight. I’ll try and catch up on what YOU have been doing a little later.

Ohhh, almost forget. It seems I may be quoted in the Sunday Times yesterday. It’s not a paper I buy… does anyone still have a copy?

bookmark_borderFalling behind

I am being very tardy with this here blog, my sincerest of apologisingness. There is a perfectly good excuse, I’m sure, but it’s probably more fun if you pick one yourself. I’d probably go with “too busy” but the problem with that is that, whilst it’s kinda true, I’ve not been THAT busy.


I ventured out of the house today. Not that big a deal you’d think but I realised, as I trundled down the motorway at 90mph, that it was only the third time I’ve been out of the house since Christmas Eve. Ahh, THAT’S the excuse for not being here much, I’ve not been well!

Man-flu. It’s a terrible thing, makes you sit around all day, moaning, eating crap and watching cricket (bloody hell, those English blokes are RUBBISH!!). Thankfully it’s on the mend, just in time to avoid Celebrity Big Brother. I had a sneaky peek this morning, good lord what a motley crew!

I digress. Hey, it may be a new year but old habits die hard my friends!

Into Glasgow I went, camera in hand, for a leisurely stroll before meeting some ex-co-workers for a spot of lunch. Took a fair few photos, bought some shirts (for the new job) and enjoyed being a tourist for the morning. After a delicious italian lunch, home with my remote control jeep in the boot, and back to work. Yes, the new design isn’t far off, just need to crack the comments, search and archive pages… a change will do you good, they say, but obviously they’ve never fucked about with WordPress themes!

What else? Ohh This Life +10, of course. Ahh but how it failed to live up to the huge burden of expectation. Yes it was good in parts, but a one-off was never really going to hit the heights, not enough time to build up the tension before Anna fucks off and fucks everything you fuckers. Still, at least Egg was the same.. but then I don’t think Andrew wossisface can act any other way.. easy to cast I guess.

I’m forgetting something…

Ohh yes. Have you read the awful email Girl (Abby) got from Nicholas Hellen of the Sunday Times? Shocking. Out and out blackmail. So, being comrades at arms, us bloggers are all linking to the email to see if we can get it to numero uno in the Google listings.

Right enough of my waffling, I’m sure there are plenty of better things you and I should be doing. For a start I need to catchup on some blog reading, before embarking on some pre- “new job” reading… thankfully a quiet weekend looms!

bookmark_borderHear me blog!

As someone else somewhere recently commented (can’t remember who or where, sorry!) blogging can be said to be like “shouting into a very large hole in the ground”.

I only mention that particular metaphor as it’s a fairly accurate description when you consider the core problem with those new to the blog world – scale. I’ve been pondering this since that Sunday Times article and think it might be worthwhile some of us taking a small step back so we can see the forest we are currently inhabiting.

Go on, step back, step out of the trees. Bloody long way, ain’t it. And what’s with all this marshland, not to mention the rotting blog corpses all over the place, the big shouty noises from behind that bush, and the fact that all the trees seem to be tightly gathered in bunches. Yipes, is that a pack of wolves!!? Ohh no my mistake, it’s a flutter of butterflies, how pretty. Ohh yeuch, I’ve just realised that the entire forest floor is covered in decomposing mulch and there is a distinct smell of bullshit.

Buggeration, now I’m lost.

Can’t see the forest for the trees? I can’t even find the path!

[Ed: Get off this metaphor train, next stop is No Reader City!]

Anyway my, partial, point is this. We all know journalists are lazy, so why are we surprised when they keep coming up with sweepingly awful generalisations about blogging? The view inside the “blogosphere” is very very different to that on the outside. I know where to find (what I consider to be) a lot of good blogs, I know which ones to avoid, I can tell the casual blogger from the dedicated hobbyist, but no-one from the press bothers to ask me. I bet they don’t ask you either.

Now, I’m no researcher (is it THAT obvious?) but given the sheer number of blogs, with more being added every minute, it’s almost no wonder that finding good examples is so hard. It’s not surprising that, when they see the size of the forest, our journalist cohorts plump for those sites on the fringes instead of delving past the sticky willows to find the richer pickings (lost my way a bit on that one, but you get what I mean).

Of course that isn’t an excuse, these journo guys and gals are paid to go that little bit further into the forest, but I think there shortcomings are understandable if not excusable. Mind you, even then, if all they can find is the dregs then I wonder why they keep writing articles about them?

What’s most odd is that this has been churning on and on and on for over two years now. Every now and then we get the equivalent of a small solar flare and every jumps up and down, shouts a lot, and tries to sound important and knowledgeable – The sun is exploding, the end of the world is nigh!! Blogging is the new journalism!! and so on. A few weeks later and everyone has put it to one side, only for the same arguments and babble to be dragged out later on.

So when a journalist gets some basic facts wrong about this little hobby of ours what should we do? Well, we are in a unique position to correct, few other hobbies have such an easily accessible, and global, interface so obviously there is plenty of scope for us to educate and enhance. Of course the view is that journalists, and this is where I’M generalising, are basically bashing blogs as they see them as a threat. If that’s the case then why don’t we take the high road here, be the grown up, and invite them in for a snoop around.

In the long run if bloggers and journalists are going to be competing (I wonder when a new term will be invented that will cover the new breed of blogging journalists that is sure to come about as both mediums become less and less distinct – joggists?? blornalists??) then the actions and noise that is currently being made is going to be used to set the scale. We have the bigger voice, it’s just a pity it is so fractious.

P.S. THIS may be another argument for why the Bloggies are a good thing. But I can’t be bothered taking it that far.


So it seems that, having talked to one journalist on the phone, emailed another with my thoughts on “Scottish Blogging” and having been asked if there was a “photo opportunity” for today, there is a very good chance that my slightly off-putting mug will be adorning a page in The Sunday Times Scotland this coming Sunday.

Of course, as with anything like this they’ll no doubt pull the piece in preference for something about hamster farming, 101 uses for soggy cardboard, or something considered slightly less inane than blogging.

We’ll see.

In other news – bearing in mind that I do try and NOT blog about work if I can help it yet sometimes the occasion demands it – some chuffer has stolen my mug!