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No, I’m not making an appearance…

I don’t watch a huge amount of TV. I tend to prefer movies and sport but I do watch the odd series, mostly American TV. Things like 24, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes… I fell away from Lost and Desperate Housewives, and lost interest in The Sopranos when they changed the time slot (this was before we had Sky+). I’ll happily watch 30mins of something entertaining to fill the time, but my boredom threshold is quite low and I’m soon hankering for something else.

So it won’t come as a surprise that, beyond the initial intrigue, I don’t really care who is in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Tommy Sheridan is enough to make me turn off the news, so I don’t see CBB getting much of my viewing time.

I’m also less than interested in who the new Dr.Who will be, despite the fact BBC News think it worthy of a slot. However it does mean that I know there can only be 12 incarnations of the rubbishness that is Dr.Who, and the next one will be number 11 so… soon we’ll be done with them and their crappy special effects and cheesy story lines.

Ohh that was a bit harsh. Oh well.

One thing I don’t watch much of, despite having several channels of them to choose from, is documentaries. So perhaps that will be my get out, instead of watching yet another repeat of Frasier (which, to be fair, still make me laugh), I’ll turn over and watch something from the documentary channels.

Or, you know, The Simpsons.


Louise hasn’t been too well the past couple of days, some sort of chest infection which has given her a fairly… hacking cough. Seems to be shifting though. It has caused an additional problem though, namely that she’s filling up the Sky+ box so she’s got stuff to watch during the day. Now, this wasn’t a problem in the past because we had a DVD writer downstairs, alas that is no longer the case and so the box is getting rather full.

Unfortunately most of the stuff that is ‘needing watched’ is waiting on me to watch it. Which, normally, would be fine as I’d just hog the TV for a few hours and send Louise off to get the housework done, iron my shirts, and wash the car (to which she’d probably tell me to fuck off and go watch TV in the bedroom).

Trouble is I really can’t be bothered at the moment.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big watcher of TV, and have a tendency to lose interest in things easily. The Sopranos lasted 4 seasons until I missed two episodes and I’ve not been back since, Desperate Housewives never even made it to the 2nd series. We don’t watch any soaps in our house. Mind you I’d happily spend most of my day watching Frasier re-runs, or watch Nigella ohh and ahhh her way around her kitchen.. but maybe that’s a slightly different thing..

Anyway, regardless of what we have recorded it seems like, honestly, a bit of a waste of time to sit around and watch TV at the moment. I’d much rather do something else, almost anything else really, than spend more than an hour or so in front of the gogglebox. I was thinking about it the other day and, on average (now I’m back at work) I watch around 2.5 hours TV a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more (usually if there is football on) but, on an average day I don’t really watch that much. News in the morning for about 15 minutes, then an hour or so at night around dinner. Sometimes I’ll watch something else later on but not very often.

Makes you wonder why I recently bought a nice new, big, LCD TV. Well, that’s easy. Movies. Well, that was the plan. We are thinking of starting a ‘movie night’.. a little like ‘date night’ I guess but without the nervous anticipation, sheen of sweat and nausea of wondering if, and when, the first kiss would arrive.

So I don’t watch that much TV.

Unless, of course, Girls of the Playboy Mansion* is on.. THEN the TV is MINE! ALL MINE!!!

(if you think Celebrity Big Brother is bizarre, try and catch this… )


I am being very tardy with this here blog, my sincerest of apologisingness. There is a perfectly good excuse, I’m sure, but it’s probably more fun if you pick one yourself. I’d probably go with “too busy” but the problem with that is that, whilst it’s kinda true, I’ve not been THAT busy.


I ventured out of the house today. Not that big a deal you’d think but I realised, as I trundled down the motorway at 90mph, that it was only the third time I’ve been out of the house since Christmas Eve. Ahh, THAT’S the excuse for not being here much, I’ve not been well!

Man-flu. It’s a terrible thing, makes you sit around all day, moaning, eating crap and watching cricket (bloody hell, those English blokes are RUBBISH!!). Thankfully it’s on the mend, just in time to avoid Celebrity Big Brother. I had a sneaky peek this morning, good lord what a motley crew!

I digress. Hey, it may be a new year but old habits die hard my friends!

Into Glasgow I went, camera in hand, for a leisurely stroll before meeting some ex-co-workers for a spot of lunch. Took a fair few photos, bought some shirts (for the new job) and enjoyed being a tourist for the morning. After a delicious italian lunch, home with my remote control jeep in the boot, and back to work. Yes, the new design isn’t far off, just need to crack the comments, search and archive pages… a change will do you good, they say, but obviously they’ve never fucked about with WordPress themes!

What else? Ohh This Life +10, of course. Ahh but how it failed to live up to the huge burden of expectation. Yes it was good in parts, but a one-off was never really going to hit the heights, not enough time to build up the tension before Anna fucks off and fucks everything you fuckers. Still, at least Egg was the same.. but then I don’t think Andrew wossisface can act any other way.. easy to cast I guess.

I’m forgetting something…

Ohh yes. Have you read the awful email Girl (Abby) got from Nicholas Hellen of the Sunday Times? Shocking. Out and out blackmail. So, being comrades at arms, us bloggers are all linking to the email to see if we can get it to numero uno in the Google listings.

Right enough of my waffling, I’m sure there are plenty of better things you and I should be doing. For a start I need to catchup on some blog reading, before embarking on some pre- “new job” reading… thankfully a quiet weekend looms!

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