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Louise hasn’t been too well the past couple of days, some sort of chest infection which has given her a fairly… hacking cough. Seems to be shifting though. It has caused an additional problem though, namely that she’s filling up the Sky+ box so she’s got stuff to watch during the day. Now, this wasn’t a problem in the past because we had a DVD writer downstairs, alas that is no longer the case and so the box is getting rather full.

Unfortunately most of the stuff that is ‘needing watched’ is waiting on me to watch it. Which, normally, would be fine as I’d just hog the TV for a few hours and send Louise off to get the housework done, iron my shirts, and wash the car (to which she’d probably tell me to fuck off and go watch TV in the bedroom).

Trouble is I really can’t be bothered at the moment.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big watcher of TV, and have a tendency to lose interest in things easily. The Sopranos lasted 4 seasons until I missed two episodes and I’ve not been back since, Desperate Housewives never even made it to the 2nd series. We don’t watch any soaps in our house. Mind you I’d happily spend most of my day watching Frasier re-runs, or watch Nigella ohh and ahhh her way around her kitchen.. but maybe that’s a slightly different thing..

Anyway, regardless of what we have recorded it seems like, honestly, a bit of a waste of time to sit around and watch TV at the moment. I’d much rather do something else, almost anything else really, than spend more than an hour or so in front of the gogglebox. I was thinking about it the other day and, on average (now I’m back at work) I watch around 2.5 hours TV a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more (usually if there is football on) but, on an average day I don’t really watch that much. News in the morning for about 15 minutes, then an hour or so at night around dinner. Sometimes I’ll watch something else later on but not very often.

Makes you wonder why I recently bought a nice new, big, LCD TV. Well, that’s easy. Movies. Well, that was the plan. We are thinking of starting a ‘movie night’.. a little like ‘date night’ I guess but without the nervous anticipation, sheen of sweat and nausea of wondering if, and when, the first kiss would arrive.

So I don’t watch that much TV.

Unless, of course, Girls of the Playboy Mansion* is on.. THEN the TV is MINE! ALL MINE!!!

(if you think Celebrity Big Brother is bizarre, try and catch this… )