Reading time: < 1 min Murrayfield Stadium, originally uploaded by Gordon. In total I’ve raised over ยฃ850, so thank you to everyone who donated. I quite enjoyed myself, thankfully the weather held and I almost managed it in my target of 4 hours (4hrs 7mins in total). Add in cycling to and from Glasgow Green and I covered 69 miles […]

Small differences

Reading time: 2 mins Tomorrow morning I’ll be at Glasgow Green to cheer on Louise’s cousin Sharon as she completes the 10K that is organised as part of the Great Scottish Run. I don’t care how heavy the rain is, nor how hard the wind may blow because I owe her a few cheers. Roll back the clock to […]

I am in chronological denial

Reading time: < 1 min Something doesn’t fit. Yes, Wimbledon is well underway (what a game last night eh!). Yes, the summer is already over (I’m looking out the window at yet another grey cloud and the drizzle has started falling already). Yes, we hardly need to put on any lights at all in the evening (as Thom Yorke asked […]

The weekend that was

Reading time: 2 mins Friday was damp. Friday was wet. Friday was a pretty fucking good day mainly because a band called Radiohead was playing at Glasgow Green and, whilst it there was a light drizzle for most of the evening I really didn’t care. I was just happy to be there and listen to them blast their way […]

Sudden need for habit

Reading time: 2 mins Everything happens at once. It’s always the way of these things, the calendar remains empty until, all of a sudden you realise you have a concert and a leaving do to attend one evening, and a day/evening session in the pub the next day. Such is the case this coming Friday, Radiohead gig at Glasgow […]

Sign reads: Occupied

Reading time: 2 mins Gosh the football is good, isn’t it. Way better than a World Cup, not as long winded as an entire season and, a few games aside (I’m looking at you France), bloody top quality entertainment. Apparently there are other things that can be watched on TV at the moment but, seriously, why would you? In […]