I am in chronological denial

Something doesn’t fit.

Yes, Wimbledon is well underway (what a game last night eh!).

Yes, the summer is already over (I’m looking out the window at yet another grey cloud and the drizzle has started falling already).

Yes, we hardly need to put on any lights at all in the evening (as Thom Yorke asked the assembled masses at Glasgow Green on Friday night, “Does it ever get fuckin’ dark here?”).

Yes, the grass is needing cut once a fortnight rather than once a month (not that WE cut the grass these days).

Yes, the first letter of the month is “J” (and the second letter is “u”).

Yes, the Olympics are getting closer (although, frankly, I’m not sure I’ll be watching much of the coverage).

And, yes, I know that it really IS the day that the calendar says, but it just can’t be.

Can it?



  1. Drizzle? Hope we don’t get that. It’s been too hot to do any of the needed gardening and I’m going to have to do it after 8 o’clock when it may be cooler.

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