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Gosh the football is good, isn’t it. Way better than a World Cup, not as long winded as an entire season and, a few games aside (I’m looking at you France), bloody top quality entertainment.

Apparently there are other things that can be watched on TV at the moment but, seriously, why would you? In saying that there is still plenty of other things currently vying for my attentions.

Friday night we are out for a quiet dinner to lightly celebrate Louise’s birthday.

Saturday morning we’ve both got appointments to see the dental hygienist (the price of paying for your dental care) and then we are off to visit Peggy. Except we aren’t REALLY visiting Peggy, we are all about the ickle fwuffy ducklings!!

Sunday is Louise’s birthday proper and no doubt some people will be popping in to tell her how old she now is and that it’s “all downhill from here”.

Zip through the next week (although there are a few changes happening at work just now, plenty of gossip and rumour, which is always fun) and on Friday I’ll be one of many thousands standing about at Glasgow Green in glorious sunshine listening to the best band in the world (well, they will be that day), and after the Radiohead gig, if I can still walk, I’ll catch up with some people from work to say goodbye to two work colleagues that are leaving.

There are a couple of things occupying my mind at the moment though, namely the fact that our Sky+ box failed to record a few things last week. And by a few games I mean the 4-1 game between Holland and France! It should be fixed now (turn it off and turn it on again) but I swear to god if I miss any more football I’ll… I’LL… well I’ll probably just phone up and order a new Sky HD box.

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“I’ll be one of many thousands standing about at Glasgow Green in glorious sunshine listening to the best band in the world”

Had to laugh at this! I probably wrote something similar a couple of years ago when I was at the World Pipe Band Championships on Glasgow Green, second Saturday in August (as it always is). Field Marshall Montgomery won, so best (pipe)band in the world. Ahhhh … They were good! 😉

bedshaped says:

Radiohead eh? Have a great time. I don’t even know why I’m saying that, you and I both know that you will.

My folks have had similar problems with their Sky+ box. Over the last four or five months, it’s been failing to record stuff that they’ve done the whole ‘series link’ thing for. It was the last straw for them when it failed on three programmes in the same week recently, so they phoned Sky to complain. The engineer told them something about there being a common problem with the boxes due to installation engineers not doing something correctly in the first place, resulting in units beginning to fail. The old ‘switch off and on again’ sometimes resets things, but be prepared for the worst case scenario which happened to my folks after it started getting worse. The engineer came out and wiped the hard drive. Not such a big deal really, but if you’re anything like my folks, they lost a shit load of stuff they hadn’t seen.

I actually haven’t watched any of the football, at all. Probably because Ireland (or England, Wales or Scotland) aren’t there. I’m sure it’s great and all, and I’ll probably start watching it when it gets to semi-final time.

Reminds me why I hate Murdoch’s empire…

HB to Louise for Sunday.

Ahhh BW, did your Sky+ fail to record something too? 😉

Ian's Mum says:

Happy Birthday lovely louise.

Don & Moyra

Happy Birthday to Louise from us too!
I am totally jealous of you going to see the little bundles of down on webbed feet!

My Sky + is called Mr BW and he *never* fails to record something I request. Cheap, cheerful and effective.

It’s getting more difficult to get video tapes now, mind. We do have a DVD writer, and DVD-RWs, but they’re too new fangled for my liking.

You can get Freeview boxes for £9.99 now…

Wife! says:

Thank you all for Birthday wishes! 35! Am I an adult yet?

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