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Can anyone confirm that Green Fairy has been hacked? (no links, you know, just in case)

If so, has she been hacked by someone using a Blackberry device? The text on her site reads blackberry DOT netweaver DOT net, very odd.

UPDATE: She’s back. Panic over.

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Still stuck for some reason, maybe there is too much going on.

Work is getting hectic and veering from the normal everyday work to discussions of a bigger nature about processes and business analysis and … etc etc. But then it’s always been like that, well it has for me anyway, and to be honest I’m quite glad that it’s headed back to that state – shows that things are picking up. Ohh I forgot. “I don’t blog about work”. Moving on then…

I want to write about abortion, prompted by Green Fairy. I want to write about smoking bans in Scotland, prompted by Peter. I want to write more about the redesign (and continue it), prompted by Scrivs at White Space.

But I won’t. Can’t. What? Ohhh go on then. I’ll keep it brief.

Abortion – I believe in the woman’s right to choose.
Smoking – I believe a ban is a good thing. I like air.
Redesign – I WILL implement a style sheet switcher and allow both bigger fonts and a more minimal site design.

There. I did it. Composed a blog post from nothing. Ain’t I clever.

I’m off to bugger about with Scottish Blogs – if you hear a muffled scream that involves PHP code don’t worry, it’s just me.

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1. Nephew number one was back in hospital yesterday for a minor op (he’s had several larger operations, all cosmetic and this is the last of the ones he needs*, he can choose other’s others in the future (thanks for the correction Lyle)). In and out the same day. Sounded OK on the phone last night, and has 10 days off school so is probably quite happy.

2. No internet access at home (re-formatting my PC at the moment) so won’t be ‘around’ during the evening until the weekend (hopefully sooner if I don’t screw it up … again).

3. 2003 recap – BBC News ask: So what were you reading?

4. Green Fairy answers the questions posed by Ms Lauren and prompts me to consider doing the same… maybe…

5. Basketball tonight – first exercise since I broke my foot. I’m a tad nervous about it to be honest, but I’ve got to start sometime.

* He has a form of palsy which means he has no muscle on the right-side of his chest, and left-side of his face. The cosmetic surgery has given him a cheek muscle, connected nerves to the other side of his face so he can smile, inserted a strip of gold in his eye lid so it will close, and all sorts of other clever things. He’s a trooper and takes it all in his stride.

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How are you? Good? Ohh that’s great to hear.

Me? Ohh I’m fine thanks, can’t really complain… well except for the boredom… I mean I actually watched the whole of Logan’s Run today.. sheesh (OK, cult classic and all that, but .. really?)

Highlight of week was Louise phoning into Radio Clyde to inform them of her ‘miser’ father, reporting on his habit of cutting off the stalks of broccoli before he buys them. She thought she was safe as he lives in Spain but her sister grassed her up.

And even more exciting, tomorrow I’m going out!!! Well to my Mum and Dad’s as it is his birthday on Monday.

Ohh and yes I’ve got thoughts about all the news items… Hutton Enquiry, lack of WMDs, the Broadloid (Independent), Robert Palmer (RIP) and also about that ‘invite five people to dinner’ thing that Zoe started. But they’ll have to wait (or more likely, never be uttered).

Except the five people thing:
1. Stuart
2. Lyle
3. Gert
4. Meg
5. …. and someone else… but who?

Should I invite you? I should? Why?

Ain’t that clever of me? Instead of insulting the other 10 or so people I would like to invite, I’ve left it open… see what I did there? So – Karen, Pete, Jane, Nigel, Jez, Pat, Green Fairy, Pinky, Vaughan, Mike, Jen, Jennie and last, but never ever least Vicky – don’t get upset.


[Update 28/9/3: Of course I knew this would happen – I forgot Peter, Alexandra and Moi. Although all this trying to be nice and not upset people is a royal pain in the ass!]

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Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a quick trip round (half of) my blogroll (ermmm that sounds kinda icky actually…)

Graybo is still painting and drinking (not at the same time I hasten to add)
Pat believes in coincidence and has an affection for ZZ Top (?)
Michelle has a new feature and it’s good to see the little dead girl back… I think..
Julie is hot, and is looking forward to her new bed
Alex doesn’t blame Broadcast, and doesn’t like warm overpriced Carling (who does?)
Nigel has a go at a company (which I can’t say anything about as they are customers of ours! Eek!
Moi is back already (see previous post)
Scotblog is spot on at the moment – 1-1 with New Zealand! Sheesh!
Becca has a sore head but at least she knows where her pens are now
Owen is still busy (and may be relegated to non blogroll soon – you have been warned! 😉
Richard is dreaming of Peter and Caitlin, and watching politics
Simon makes me glad I’ve already had dinner – although he might be right
Pinky teaches us to write porn, always a useful skill if you ask me
Lyle has stopped yakking about trains but is worried about his knees
Is Etceterate on holiday this week?
Eliza is still taking tests and her group blog is doing well
Caitlin is worried about the inspect of her flat and has just finished His Dark Materials
Green Fairy and I have something in common – tattoos

Sorry that’s it for now. I’m pooped and I’ve got a night out tomorrow and I don’t want to end up being the ‘old man’ going home at 11 p.m after a few beers.

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