Reading time: < 1 min Can anyone confirm that Green Fairy has been hacked? (no links, you know, just in case) If so, has she been hacked by someone using a Blackberry device? The text on her site reads blackberry DOT netweaver DOT net, very odd. UPDATE: She’s back. Panic over.

So…. emmm… hi…

Reading time: < 1 min Still stuck for some reason, maybe there is too much going on. Work is getting hectic and veering from the normal everyday work to discussions of a bigger nature about processes and business analysis and … etc etc. But then it’s always been like that, well it has for me anyway, and to be honest […]

This, that and the other

Reading time: < 1 min 1. Nephew number one was back in hospital yesterday for a minor op (he’s had several larger operations, all cosmetic and this is the last of the ones he needs*, he can choose other’s others in the future (thanks for the correction Lyle)). In and out the same day. Sounded OK on the phone last […]

Well hello

Reading time: < 1 min How are you? Good? Ohh that’s great to hear. Me? Ohh I’m fine thanks, can’t really complain… well except for the boredom… I mean I actually watched the whole of Logan’s Run today.. sheesh (OK, cult classic and all that, but .. really?) Highlight of week was Louise phoning into Radio Clyde to inform them […]


Reading time: < 1 min Shane Bowman plays with his 555 gram heart. Link posted purely for the awful pun in the title of the post. That is all. Move along now. UPDATE: A much better post about this* (via Green Fairy) * i.e. he thought about it for more than the 2 seconds I gave it…


Reading time: < 1 min Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a quick trip round (half of) my blogroll (ermmm that sounds kinda icky actually…) Graybo is still painting and drinking (not at the same time I hasten to add) Pat believes in coincidence and has an affection for ZZ Top (?) Michelle has a new […]