Well hello

How are you? Good? Ohh that’s great to hear.

Me? Ohh I’m fine thanks, can’t really complain… well except for the boredom… I mean I actually watched the whole of Logan’s Run today.. sheesh (OK, cult classic and all that, but .. really?)

Highlight of week was Louise phoning into Radio Clyde to inform them of her ‘miser’ father, reporting on his habit of cutting off the stalks of broccoli before he buys them. She thought she was safe as he lives in Spain but her sister grassed her up.

And even more exciting, tomorrow I’m going out!!! Well to my Mum and Dad’s as it is his birthday on Monday.

Ohh and yes I’ve got thoughts about all the news items… Hutton Enquiry, lack of WMDs, the Broadloid (Independent), Robert Palmer (RIP) and also about that ‘invite five people to dinner’ thing that Zoe started. But they’ll have to wait (or more likely, never be uttered).

Except the five people thing:
1. Stuart
2. Lyle
3. Gert
4. Meg
5. …. and someone else… but who?

Should I invite you? I should? Why?

Ain’t that clever of me? Instead of insulting the other 10 or so people I would like to invite, I’ve left it open… see what I did there? So – Karen, Pete, Jane, Nigel, Jez, Pat, Green Fairy, Pinky, Vaughan, Mike, Jen, Jennie and last, but never ever least Vicky – don’t get upset.


[Update 28/9/3: Of course I knew this would happen – I forgot Peter, Alexandra and Moi. Although all this trying to be nice and not upset people is a royal pain in the ass!]