This, that and the other

1. Nephew number one was back in hospital yesterday for a minor op (he’s had several larger operations, all cosmetic and this is the last of the ones he needs*, he can choose other’s others in the future (thanks for the correction Lyle)). In and out the same day. Sounded OK on the phone last night, and has 10 days off school so is probably quite happy.

2. No internet access at home (re-formatting my PC at the moment) so won’t be ‘around’ during the evening until the weekend (hopefully sooner if I don’t screw it up … again).

3. 2003 recap – BBC News ask: So what were you reading?

4. Green Fairy answers the questions posed by Ms Lauren and prompts me to consider doing the same… maybe…

5. Basketball tonight – first exercise since I broke my foot. I’m a tad nervous about it to be honest, but I’ve got to start sometime.

* He has a form of palsy which means he has no muscle on the right-side of his chest, and left-side of his face. The cosmetic surgery has given him a cheek muscle, connected nerves to the other side of his face so he can smile, inserted a strip of gold in his eye lid so it will close, and all sorts of other clever things. He’s a trooper and takes it all in his stride.