Keyboard and Mouse

Reading time: 2 mins

I should’ve waited before replacing my old PC with another one. If I had I wouldn’t have my current dilemma as I’d be typing this post on an iMac, with a nice wireless keyboard, thin of form, full of factor. But I’m not so here are my requirements and, dear reader, I’d like your thoughts…


Reading time: < 1 min

Tip of the day: Windows users, to use the keyboard to navigate between open documents within an application, use CTRL+Tab. Functions the same way the Alt+Tab combination does. Why am I only learning this now?!

intellipoint instant viewer

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New version of Intellipoint mouse software from Microsoft comes with Instant Viewer, a ‘sort of’ Alt+Tab replacement. I’ve switched it to my unused right side button of my Intellimouse Optical and it’s proving very handy (by default it’s added to the scroll wheel). Download it here.