1. YOu know MS makes great mice and great software for them. And then codes them in such a way as they can’t work with Macs properly.

    Meh. I wish I knew before I bought two new MS mice.

  2. Have they Jann, I have a Logitech at home. Hmmmm.

    Adrian – I have to admit that I’m a fan of Microsoft hardware… well mice and keyboards at least. I’ve had this intellipoint optical for years, and think I’m going to buy a reserve one for future use!

  3. That looks like a cut down verison of Expose ( on the Mac. But that’s me mentioning Apple nonsense on a Windows post so I’ll say no more.

    Does look slick though. My Logitech at work has a quick switch type functionality which will list the current running apps and allow you to switch quickly. I’ve been looking for an Expose app for Windows (that doesn’t cost) as I really miss it at work.

  4. This Instant Viewer looks a lot like the Expose feaure from Apple. I’ve had this mapped to the ‘depress’ of the scroll wheel on my mouse since I got my MacBook, and I find it incredibly useful when switching between apps.

  5. Duh! Guess I should have viewed the link first. I just read the “alt+tab replacement” bit (which Logitech mice have had for years). I wonder if the existing Logitech alt+tab function button will produce the same effects with Vista, seeing as it has a similar(ish) Exposé style ting?

    I’ll check.

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