Reading time: 2 mins I’ve posted about writing in the past, why I write, whether I should do more, and recently I’ve been thinking about taking this casual hobby a bit further. At the same time I’ve been focusing more on the things I post here which seems to have equated to longer posts. Not a bad thing but it […]

Writing about writing on writing

Reading time: < 1 min I’m always one for the latest thing, particularly when it comes to social media. So when I heard the @Ev (the man behind Blogger and Twitter) had started up something new, I was quick to check it out. His latest venture is called Medium. It’s an online writing space. At least that’s part of what […]

One Man Tales

Reading time: 2 mins “Once upon a time”, it says, in that time honoured tradition of old and so our story begins. The story tells the tale of a man making his way through life. The man meanders his way along the path of his choosing, though he is only occasionally aware that he chose it, and most of […]

Rebuilding the man

Reading time: 2 mins Slowly he breaks down, carefully deconstructed. The sum of these parts he is not, nor is he whole without them. He is apart and  incomplete, still searching for something unknown and out of reach. He is content and sated for now, happy with what he has, disillusionment hovering out of sight. Childlike he studies each […]

Writers' Bloc

Reading time: < 1 min It is somewhat timely that, as Post of the Week has died a death (lack of interest, unfortunately), another website that focusses on good writing has been born, Writers’ Bloc. It’s still new and shiny, but like most of these things it will live and die by the likes of you and I, and your […]

Shortly written

Reading time: 2 mins The act of writing fiction, of considering the flow and cadence of certain words, the structure and pace of a sentence, the building of a paragraph, laying the foundations for something bigger is something with which I flirt. Most of my flirtations make their way here in the form of odd and completely random blog […]