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It is somewhat timely that, as Post of the Week has died a death (lack of interest, unfortunately), another website that focusses on good writing has been born, Writers’ Bloc.

It’s still new and shiny, but like most of these things it will live and die by the likes of you and I, and your friends, visiting and contributing. On that note the submission guidelines are nice and friendly:

With a title like Writers’ Bloc – even though it’s a dreadful pun on suffering from a lack of inspiration – it would be mean-spirited to insist that your work should not have been appeared anywhere else online or in print before it reaches us. We don’t care about that, and in fact we tend to loathe that rule of literary magazines, especially if they’re all about ‘discovering the best new writing’. All we ask is that you retained the original copyright, since we don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes.

So go and have a look and, if you have ever written something that you feel deserved (demanded!) a wider audience then perhaps consider submitting it, what harm can it do?

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Cheers for the great write-up, Gordon. Really appreciate it, thank you. (And needless to say, if you ever want to submit something …)

Bloody shame about POTW. I really did try to nom something most weeks and get my readers to visit it. I think that, wrongly, many people saw it as cliquey. But it really wasn’t the case- it was always open to new bloggers and judges.

Will visit the new one and have a look.

Ah, I was wondering what had happened to POTW. Wasn’t sure whether it was a technical problem or not.

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