The Death of Tradition

Reading time: 3 mins Job titles are one thing, but what do you actually do? Are you a ‘traditional’ Technical Author or a modern technical communications professional? Is there a difference? I think there is, I think there is a distinction between the two although I’m not quite sure where that line is drawn and, as with most things […]

Handling Information Laziness

Reading time: 3 mins Like most people, I ‘fell’ into the world of Technical Communications. I didn’t choose this career, and like many I didn’t study anything that remotely involved writing. But then, who really knows what they want to be when they are choosing what to study at university. So, after spending a few years learning about Electronic […]


Reading time: 2 mins Hello? Is this on? Small blip there, apologies. I presume I missed a memo somewhere as it was definitely a server issue that affected a few other sites or was this one of those things I was emailed about months ago and have since forgotten? Most probably the latter so apologies again for the lack […]


Reading time: < 1 min I recently passed on a piece of knowledge that I was given by a previous boss. I was a young eager thing with no real mind of what I was doing. I would throw a document together and punt it out to the world without so much as a second thought, not advisable when you […]