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12 days into 2009 and my first little hiccup. The weekend offers me nothing with which to grace this blog, unless you want the fascinating tale of the one time I ventured outside all weekend, to pick up our wheelie bins as they had blown over. This led me to have wet slippers and the discovery that the sole of said slippers is slightly tapered and the join between sole and upper is almost completely underfoot in the middle of the slipper, unlike a more conventional slipper construction which would have a solid sole all the way across the sole of your foot, the join being at the sides.

Oh god. Am I really talking about slipper construction? How quickly I sink to such depths.

But then deciding to stay within the confines of the house, rather than venture outside into the howling gales and lashing rain, means my sources of blog inspiration are limited, as evidenced above.

Largely I ‘pottered’. Which means I did a little work (a design proposal for a prospective web design client), played some games on the PlayStation (ok, one game, Pro Evolution Soccer 3), tidied a little, watched TV a little, ate a little (3lb weight loss from last week!), read a little more of Live and Let Die, and so on and so and so on.

Ohh and I played with the cat.

But I’m determined I won’t resort to using the cat as blog fodder even if he remains charmingly cute and occasionally annoying.

To be fair my weekend was quietly enjoyable and if I’m honest it did actually generate a fair few topics for this blog. It’s just that I can’t seem to write that much about any of them.

I was going to discuss the blatant sexism in the James Bond novel I’m reading but then it was written in 1954 so one can hardly expect it to live up to modern political ideals.

I could discuss Pro Evolution Soccer Master League tactics, specifically who is a good buy for a Division 2 team (hint: Gouffran, Gambino, Urreta, Mezague and Beria first) but that would REALLY narrow my audience. Not to mention the fact that most of the information I have to offer is already listed in the previous parentheses.

I could cover the fact that I spent some of the weekend re-installing Windows and, subsequently, will have to spend more time re-installing the applications I use. In a way this is a good thing, it means I can clear out those that I don’t really use anyway.

And finally, I could ponder my thoughts around the idea of switching to using my MacBook as my main computer, with the purchase of a NAS drive to host my working files, media and photos but… well that’s a way off so no point in doing that.

Instead I thought I’d just start writing and see what happened and, as usual, I find that I’m quite able to fill a blog post. Sure the quality isn’t that great but a post is a post (except when it’s a page, right?).

And hey, YOU’RE still reading..


Gosh, things are bad aren’t they. Awful. Credit Crunch apparently. No no, recession now. Or is it still a ‘downturn’? Hey it can’t be bad, did you hear the profit announcment from BP?

Enough of that, what about Brand and Ross? What a fuss! Fine them and be done with it. Everyone knows what they are like, and whilst that’s no excuse (and they should be dealt with) is it really the only news of the day?

What about the preview of Windows 7? No?

OK, a cat update. Last night he brought us a dead mouse and this morning, as I opened the front door to leave the house, he appeared with a tiny dead bird. Now I’ve had words with him about this before so he knew fine well that I would be taking the bird from him and disposing of it immediately.

I’m sorry but he needs to learn. Anyway, I have promised him that, the day he brings home a bloody magpie (in every sense of the word), he is free to de-feather, disembowel and generally torture the noisy thing all he likes.

And finally, Pro Evolution Soccer is taking some getting used to but it’s slowly winning me over.



How are you?

That is a “large cat” not a “large title” that is “cat themed”. Although that would work too I guess…

Mac owners the world over know that tomorrow sees the release of the most important new piece of software for sometime. Just after Apple have released record figures which see them now positioned as the largest PC hardware manufacturer on the planet, tomorrow should add to the current buzz.

Yes, that’s right, tomorrow will see millions of fans flocking to stores to get their grubby hands on Pro Evolution Soccer 7!!

I can’t wait. I’ve read all the reviews and it looks good… Sure it will look better if you are playing it on a PS3 or XBox 360 but hey, my little PS2’s doing fine thankewevewymuch.

OK. I confess, I too am intriguingly excited about the new version of Apples OSX. Codenamed Leopard the Mac websites have been banging on about this for a while now and, frankly, I’m glad it’s almost here because it is getting a little boring. For sure there are plenty of posts about preparing for an upgrade, what will be in the upgrade, what’s good about the upgrade, what’s bad about the upgrade, and so on, but geez give it a break!

In saying that, despite the wealth of information that has been published about Leopard there is one thing which hasn’t really been taken into account, at least not that I’ve seen. There are a large number of people who will be updating their version of OSX for the first time. Like me, there are a lot of new ‘switchers’ who have probably only recently gotten to grips with OSX, and got it all tweaked as they want. What of us ohh hallowed fanboy website?

From what I can tell, you can upgrade in situ, and nothing much should break. Or you can do a fresh install which will take you back to the default settings. I’m not sure if that wipes out user accounts as well, I guess it does.

I do have a list of the apps that I’ve installed, and kept, on my MacBook and we don’t keep files on it so, other than the odd file or two, there isn’t anything on it that either of us is particularly bothered about. A clean install is the mostly likely option. However I’ll probably hold off until later on, as I don’t really need any of the new functionality… mind you, I do have a trip towards the end of November, an ideal time to play with a new OS… hmmmm.

And, of course, there is no small amount of curiosity on my part. I’ve upgraded Windows machines all way through from 3.1.1 to Windows 95 (BETA), from 95 to 2000 (thankfully never from Windows Me), and from 2000 to XP. I don’t think I’ll ever be bothering with Vista. I’m keen to see how different the process is with the Mac OS as my experience with it suggests that it will be much smoother.

What about you, fellow Mac user, are you going to be upgrading? Have you upgraded before? If so, any hints or tips for us newbies? I


Friday night. Games night at work, with a Wiimbledon tournament running on one wall (using the overhead projector) and a Pro Evolution Soccer tournament running on one of the small LCD tvs.. a third TV had an XBox hooked up for various games, and a second Wii was chopping and changing another set of games. Chaos. And pizza.

My thumb still hurts.

Saturday and we picked up some friends and headed to Strathaven for a BBQ. The weather held, surprisingly, and we all ate too much. For a change I didn’t have that much to drink, with the onset of a migraine lurking.

Which wiped me out for most of Sunday. Bloody things.

Still, we did make it through to Dumbarton to wish our nephew a happy birthday. We no longer have any nieces or nephews who aren’t teenagers and Louise and I feel very old.

And that’s about it really. I did read Nigel Slater’s book “Toast” (funny and sad at the same time) and we did watch Transamerica on the Saturday night (great movie), but not much else happened. Which was good. I could get the hang of these 3-day weekends you know…

I see the discussion that, somehow, I kicked off last week is still going on, and I’ve got some more thoughts on that myself. As for the rest of this week, well I’m not entirely sure what it holds, but do swing by if you get a moment.


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Hands up everyone who’s played Tetris.

Hours I spent, flipping blocks round, shuffling them left and right, until my hand would cramp and the buttons of my GameBoy start to wear down. One memorable train journey down to London gave me the opportunity to play for some 6 straight hours and I could hardly move my thumb for days. You should’ve seen the high score though!

Anyway, I’m a bit too busy to play many games these days, and I certainly don’t have the time nor the patience required for something like Tomb Raider. In fact, my game playing has evolved to the point where I much prefer a good “pick up and play” to anything that requires time or devotion (I can place Pro Evolution Soccer in the “pick up and play” category because I’ve been playing it’s first inception —ISSDeluxe on the Megadrive— and know the controls off by heart).

To that end puzzle games are something I try to avoid, knowing full well that a “quick game” soon turns into “IT’S 3AM! TURN THAT BLOODY COMPUTER OFF!!”.

I’ll pause at this point to say that I hate Ben. I hate his games even more. Specifically I hate Bubble Blitz.

Like all the best puzzle games it’s simple to learn, easy to play, and has the ability to bend time to it’s will. It’s pure evil, there’s no other excuse for it.

I downloaded a copy of the game a couple of weeks back but it wasn’t until the weekend that I finally installed it, fired it up and… whoooosh. It’s 3AM. Just like that.

Thankfully I was TRYING to stay up to pick Louise up after a night out but, that aside, it’s a testament to this game, and more specifically it’s addictiveness, that I hardly noticed the time until my mobile buzzed with someone demanding a lift (thankfully it was Louise).

Dammmit. It did it again!!!

I was just firing it up to check something and next thing it’s an hour later!

Where was I?

Ohh yes. The interface is nice and bright and friendly, the sounds can be turned off (but aren’t as bad as some, and yes that includes the original Tetris tune!), and there is just a nice chunky feel to this game. Only annoyance is the continual interruption of the in-game messages —GOOD MOVE, BONUS and so on— but that’s a minor irritation and it didn’t stop me from playing it for about four hours straight.

So, if you DON’T want to lose valuable time playing a game, if you DON’T want to wonder where the past couple of hours went then avoid this game altogether.

On the other hand, it’s wonderfully addictive and hey, we all like a little diversion now and again, right?

Bubble Blitz by Binary Sun ~ an excellent waste of time!


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Two and a half months in, are YOU sticking to your New Year resolutions?

I didn’t make any but I’m beginning to think I should have. Maybe it’s a reaction to my current workload, but I sometimes think I’d be better served if I had something to focus on, a hobby other than this one. Admittedly I am trying to be more organised, I’m pausing more often to consider whether what I am currently doing is what I SHOULD be doing, and I’m trying not to over commit on any side projects to ensure I have sometime left for me.

At least that’s what I hoped I was doing but my problem is when I DO have some free time as I usually spend it doing something unconstructive and pointless (usually Pro Evolution Soccer on the PlayStation if you must know). The camera lies untouched, the sheet music perched on the keyboard remains unturned, the book stack grows higher (although that’s primarily due to the amount of dust gathering atop the pile).

Trouble is I quite enjoy doing nothing. I quite enjoy switching off but only if I can remain occupied. Boredom is my greatest fear and it assaults me constantly, whether it’s being broadcast on TV (not so much of a problem these days), or manifesting itself in yet another boring rant or moan assaulting my ears and eyes it is ever present.

So I’m resolving to keep busy. Not overly busy, and not in any selfish way but busy as in focussed. The next question is – what should I focus on?

P.S. Drafted this last night. No inspiration to write anything else.

Personal Musings

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Working from home today to allow me the option to go and stand over a bank manager to MAKE him process our new mortgage application in time. This should save me having to make a payment to both the old mortgage AND the new one this month (if that happens I’ll be offline for the month as we’ll have no money to feed the meter, and we’ll be living off beans on toast. That’s one can of savers beans and one slice of toast borrowed from the neighbours… to last the month).

Presuming that everything goes well today, I can look forward to a weekend of peace and quiet. Louise is away from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon on a hen weekend in Edinburgh, that strange far away land of salt and sauce. I’ve taken tomorrow and Monday off, so will have plenty of time to get some stuff done. This may, or may not include:

  1. Cutting the grass.
  2. Finishing the fireplace in the living room.
  3. Watching Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi on DVD.
  4. Finishing the “His Dark Materials” Trilogy.
  5. Playing Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (recently ‘acquired’).
  6. See what BitTorrent goodies I can grab.

(See what I did there? Ordered them by importance to try and influence myself.. in reality I’ll start at the bottom of the list and work up but hey, every little helps, right?)

It will also involve chinese takeaway, a wander round the shops at MY pace, and some pondering of the coming month of October.

For October is my favourite month. Mainly because it’s my birthday month (what? you want to buy me something? How kind!), but really because it’s always the first proper autumn month. Granted September has done a good job this year but you can never really trust it not to throw in the odd hot muggy summer-like day. October does it’s job properly, bringing in the first morning frosts, the bulk of the trees finally realise what is going on and start burning their leaves, and I no longer have to worry about being too hot (a constant problem for those with their own additional.. er.. ‘insulation’).

So, it’ll be quieter here for the next few days, but I have something in mind to keep you all going. Nothing major, but could be fun. I’ll post more details later today.

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(Great, now I’ve got that Sum 41 track in my head… hmm quite catchy…)

Tuesday night is Louise’s ‘night out’ with our friend Susan. They go shopping, go to the cinema, or just veg out with facepacks and wine. I’m left at home (thankfully).

I usually have a few items that I want to get done, and spend a few minutes tidying up or doing the dishes before the night is really mine. I really should push on with the PHP thing, I’ve got a re-design to start (for another site: I said I’d have a BETA with them by Christmas last year.. oops), I’ve got episodes of the new Smallville season to watch, about five episodes of the new 24 season to get through, and all of Sopranos season 4 to watch.

I’ve also got a few things needing done to the home PC (finding the device driver that keeps crashing the system), the ‘collectorz’ cataloguing software glares up at me from it’s shortcut on my desktop demanding that I fill it with all my books, CDs, and DVDs. There is a stack of books waiting to be read, not to mention a few ‘kept’ bits from the Sunday papers, and several bookmarked ‘longer’ articles that I’ve been meaning to read for months.

I keep telling myself that I’ll do a little exercising as well, the free weights laugh at me as I stub my toe on them, and the Yoga and Pilates books chuckle quietly to themselves as I moan and groan whilst struggling to bend over far enough to untie my shoelaces.

And what will I do? I’ll plonk myself down in front of the telly, channel surf for a couple of hours, play a little Pro Evolution Soccer on the Playstation before heading up to the PC and surfing randomly for another hour or so.

Before I know it, Louise will be home asking me what I’ve done.

“This and that, nothing much really.”

Such is life.

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