Friday night. Games night at work, with a Wiimbledon tournament running on one wall (using the overhead projector) and a Pro Evolution Soccer tournament running on one of the small LCD tvs.. a third TV had an XBox hooked up for various games, and a second Wii was chopping and changing another set of games. Chaos. And pizza.

My thumb still hurts.

Saturday and we picked up some friends and headed to Strathaven for a BBQ. The weather held, surprisingly, and we all ate too much. For a change I didn’t have that much to drink, with the onset of a migraine lurking.

Which wiped me out for most of Sunday. Bloody things.

Still, we did make it through to Dumbarton to wish our nephew a happy birthday. We no longer have any nieces or nephews who aren’t teenagers and Louise and I feel very old.

And that’s about it really. I did read Nigel Slater’s book “Toast” (funny and sad at the same time) and we did watch Transamerica on the Saturday night (great movie), but not much else happened. Which was good. I could get the hang of these 3-day weekends you know…

I see the discussion that, somehow, I kicked off last week is still going on, and I’ve got some more thoughts on that myself. As for the rest of this week, well I’m not entirely sure what it holds, but do swing by if you get a moment.

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