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Gosh, things are bad aren’t they. Awful. Credit Crunch apparently. No no, recession now. Or is it still a ‘downturn’? Hey it can’t be bad, did you hear the profit announcment from BP?

Enough of that, what about Brand and Ross? What a fuss! Fine them and be done with it. Everyone knows what they are like, and whilst that’s no excuse (and they should be dealt with) is it really the only news of the day?

What about the preview of Windows 7? No?

OK, a cat update. Last night he brought us a dead mouse and this morning, as I opened the front door to leave the house, he appeared with a tiny dead bird. Now I’ve had words with him about this before so he knew fine well that I would be taking the bird from him and disposing of it immediately.

I’m sorry but he needs to learn. Anyway, I have promised him that, the day he brings home a bloody magpie (in every sense of the word), he is free to de-feather, disembowel and generally torture the noisy thing all he likes.

And finally, Pro Evolution Soccer is taking some getting used to but it’s slowly winning me over.



How are you?


  1. Debster said:

    Our cat always used to file dead things on the stairs where my father would come down in his bare feet to get the paper and step on them.

    October 30, 2008
  2. Bina said:

    Fine thanks. Nice of you to ask.
    have you ever been up close to a magpie? They’re huge. My tc couldn’t get his jaws around one if he tried.
    News – it’s been a long time since there were any proper journalists doing proper reporting, instead of all those gossipers. I get fed up being given gossip on the News/in the papers etc etc. I’d heard there was Windows 7 – small post somewhere, didn’t tell me anything. Whad’yer know?

    October 30, 2008
  3. graybo said:

    I can’t get over the Ross and Brand thing either. It seems so simple to me – if you or I used an employer’s resources to leave messages of that nature on someone’s answering service and, as a consequence, the corporate image was tarnished when it became public, we’d be given a P45 and shown the door. I don’t buy the whole “aren’t they jolly chaps having a jolly jape?” line at all. Why are these guys special?

    Anyhow, I’m ok, thanks. Not much news to report here – only mundane stuff really. We got our new mortgage sorted and we’ve just ordered a replacement conservatory to stop the rain coming in. Treacle had a shrew the other day but she left it outside. Monty threw up on the floor, but not in a place where I might tread in it. So, situation normal really.

    October 30, 2008
  4. hans stolte said:

    Imagine if I used a work email to tell some old coot that id shagged his vampire grand daughter, sacked!

    Never mind, if I was on far too much money a year id loose 3 months salary , which as an oink would be hard but loosing £millions in 3 months means that woss can say, oh well perhaps ill cut back on faberge eggs for a bit.

    One rule for them

    October 31, 2008

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