Two and a half months in, are YOU sticking to your New Year resolutions?

I didn’t make any but I’m beginning to think I should have. Maybe it’s a reaction to my current workload, but I sometimes think I’d be better served if I had something to focus on, a hobby other than this one. Admittedly I am trying to be more organised, I’m pausing more often to consider whether what I am currently doing is what I SHOULD be doing, and I’m trying not to over commit on any side projects to ensure I have sometime left for me.

At least that’s what I hoped I was doing but my problem is when I DO have some free time as I usually spend it doing something unconstructive and pointless (usually Pro Evolution Soccer on the PlayStation if you must know). The camera lies untouched, the sheet music perched on the keyboard remains unturned, the book stack grows higher (although that’s primarily due to the amount of dust gathering atop the pile).

Trouble is I quite enjoy doing nothing. I quite enjoy switching off but only if I can remain occupied. Boredom is my greatest fear and it assaults me constantly, whether it’s being broadcast on TV (not so much of a problem these days), or manifesting itself in yet another boring rant or moan assaulting my ears and eyes it is ever present.

So I’m resolving to keep busy. Not overly busy, and not in any selfish way but busy as in focussed. The next question is – what should I focus on?

P.S. Drafted this last night. No inspiration to write anything else.