A kick up the arse

Reading time: 2 mins

So I’m now on pills for my blood pressure and next Tuesday they take blood to check my liver and kidneys are functioning correctly, and to see what my cholesterol level is at the moment. Then, later that day, I get an ECG. It’s all a bit… much really. As I feel fine but the…

Selling my soul

Reading time: 3 mins

I receive a bribe! Why am I starting to sound like JonnyB! and what’s with the exclamation marks! A friendly email, from a friendly person, from a company I’ve used before, arrives in my email. Apparently he’d like to bribe me to blog about his company and their website. I’ve used said company before, and…


Reading time: < 1 min

I now have 50 invites for GMail. Does this mean that it is coming out of BETA? If so it augers well for the likes of Flickr, Kinja and all the other semi-permanent BETA web apps that are so popular. But is this what it means? On one hand it’s kinda obvious. They want to…