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So I’m now on pills for my blood pressure and next Tuesday they take blood to check my liver and kidneys are functioning correctly, and to see what my cholesterol level is at the moment.

Then, later that day, I get an ECG.

It’s all a bit… much really. As I feel fine but the numbers don’t lie.

The disappointing thing, the thing that really fucks me off, is that for the past two weeks I’d been careful with my diet, cut out as much salt as I could, and managed a few short walks (still not enough I know but my knee still isn’t 100%), yet my blood pressure went up!

Edit: Read on at your peril, it’s a bit maudlin and ranty and ‘teenage angsty’. Don’t say you weren’t warned. The short version is, “I’m fine, I’ll be fine, I just need a moan”.

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Can anyone spot what is wrong with this snippet of CSS?

Works fine in IE but not in Firefox – argh!! The background image (maincolumn.gif) won’t repeat vertical down the column in Firefox yet it works fine in IE.

.rigid-demo { margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; width: 790px; background: url(../images/maincolumn.gif) repeat-y; }

P.S. This is NOT a reason NOT to use Firefox! It’s my shoddy coding that’s to blame, and lack of l33t CSS skills, or however the kids are saying it these days.

UPDATE: OH ARSE. Still can’t get it to work. Sample page here, CSS here, background image here.

The CSS file validates OK.

Why oh why oh why… Works fine in IE, no background image in Firefox. Chuff chuff chuff.

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I had hoped to be slightly more erudite, and hopefully will be this afternoon, but right now I can only think of one word.


Yes I slept in. Yes I’m grumpy. Yes I’m pissed off.

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