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Jamie Oliver. Love him or loathe him he has to be applauded for his current stance and activity surrounding school dinners.

Firstly I think he is a genuine guy, and even if his “cheeky charm” and “mockney” attributes put you off, if you’ve seen any of his recent series (I only saw a couple of episodes) or his last series where he took some challenging students (for want of a better term) through a chef’s course (which I followed avidly) you can’t argue that he does think he can make a difference and is passionate about what he does. For that I applaud him.

On the flipside, the cynic in me will agree with you if you state that he does get some very good publicity from these ventures (any publicity is good publicity after all) and that it is certainly a factor, but again I think he realises that he can use his celebrity status in a positive way but to do that he needs to remain a celebrity. Mind you, Sir Jamie Oliver? Not quite yet I don’t think.

However there is something that sticks in my throat, particularly concerning his recent series. Namely how out of touch our government appears to be with such simple matters. As I said elsewhere:

So the current fad is for the diet of children, that’s all well and good, but I hope it forces home a stronger point.

Parents are responsible for their children.

Simple really yet so many believe that it’s not their job to educate “that’s why they get sent to school”. Until those types of parents are held accountable for their childrens actions and education the system will continue to fail and we’ll have to rely on ‘celebrities’ to highlight these basic basic things.

Don’t get me wrong I think Mr.Oliver has done a good thing (and look at all that publicity for him as well! /cynic) but it’s a sad state of affairs when it’s NOT at the forefront of the affairs of state to worry about the future of our country.

So, bravo Jamie Oliver for raising the profile of this issue. But I do wonder if it is too late, how many generations ago should this parental malaise have been tackled? Are we into the second or third generation of the uneducated, globalised masses, and can I fit in any more grand generalisations (which apparently is my word of the month)? I don’t think it’s too late just yet, but the longer we leave it the harder it will be.

I have to say I’m surprised that this hasn’t been fully latched onto by the political parties. Seeing as how there is an, unconfirmed, election coming soon, this kind of populist topic should be a pretty easy sell, at least I would have thought so.

This then leads me to start pondering on the future of politics and how it won’t be long until the topics of debate are generated from daytime TV (or are they already?), and how you’ll be able to phone-in to win a copy of “The Great Debates: The House of Commons discusses Burberry caps” on DVD by answering the following question:

Is the Prime Minister: A) a human being. B) a lump of coal? Calls cost £5 per second, please ensure you know how to use the phone before picking it up.

Actually, that question might be a bit too hard.

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Anyone else had a Word copy of Jamie Oliver’s Second Cookbook sent to them?

Seems to be legit (in it’s own illegal way).



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Having posted about it yesterday I thought I’d better try this brushing the tongue malarky (malarky? That’s that bloody Jamie Oliver!). Ick. I don’t like the sensation, nor did I enjoy the gagging sensation it brought on, definitely not the most pleasant thing to do first thing in the morning.

I managed to see the Matrix Reloaded last night. I’ve read a couple of reviews in the papers this morning and have to say that I think some of the critics should maybe go back and watch the first movie. Yes Keanu is ‘wooden’ and yes there are holes in the plot. That doesn’t stop it being one kick ass movie (in every sense and nuances that phrase brings). The action scenes are easily the best I’ve seen on film, the car chase in particularly. Leave your belief suspended at the door, and don’t think too hard about this and you will enjoy this.

There is also a scene towards the end of the film featuring Neo in a room full of screens showing himself. I won’t spoil anything but I did think it was spoon feeding us a bit… mind you that is presuming I understood it properly… maybe having a couple of beers first wasn’t the best idea…

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A word of warning to Meg. It was -7C this morning. Mind you I guess that Anna is keeping her sister up-to-date.

In other news… ehh… hang on. There isn’t any. Ohh I did manage to finally buy a snazzy new shirt for our company Xmas do on Friday although I will have to venture out to buy some cufflinks tonight (late night shopping.. .yeuch). I do have some cufflinks but they are gold and as my suit is dark grey and the shirt is a mixture of blues, well even my iffy fashion sense tells me I should have silver cufflinks (and of course when I say silver I mean, plated, or whatever you can get for under £10, tis the season to be skint).

See how easy this ‘blogging’ malarky is (damn that Jamie Oliver and his ‘malarky’), I bought a shirt and managed to waffle on for several lines, and I didn’t even cover my trip to Safeway… although whilst I’m on the topic – if you are a store manager, when would be the best time to reorganise the booze aisle? What’s that you say? The week before Christmas? Are you sure? Wouldn’t this make your regular customers a little confused? And..

[We interrupt this post due to a terminal lack of interest in, what appears to be, a very dull and boring life. Move along please. There’s nothing to see here.].


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