Black Lives Matter

It’s overwhelming

It’s overwhelming because I’m white

It’s overwhelming watching all these images all the brutality and hatred watching a man kneel on another mans neck until he dies he can’t breathe

It’s overwhelming because I haven’t experienced it first hand

It’s overwhelming because there are so many other forms of hatred to fight but I know that this is the time for this fight

It’s overwhelming because we can’t stop, I can’t drop out, I need to be part of the solution

It’s overwhelming because it’s evolving everyday

It’s overwhelming because traditional media and those that control it are pushing it away using tried and trusted methods to keep their white agenda foremost in the minds of the masses

It’s overwhelming because of the years of systemic conditioning and fascist rhetoric that seems part of our every day now; my privilege easily hides this from my eyes

It’s overwhelming because I feel powerless

It’s overwhelming because my privilege is allowing me to learn about this through reading not by experience

It’s overwhelming because my feelings of being overwhelmed are a privilege that black lives don’t get too choose

I am overwhelmed

But I am working on it


There is much more to say, so much more to do, but this is where I’m starting. Pushing aside those overwhelming feelings, pushing aside my own guilt at not doing anything before now.

Black Lives Matter.


  1. Thanks Tim, and yeah saw that video but have added it as, like you say, well worth watching and learning from.

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