The Recap: June 2020

Stasis, is that the right word? It feels like the last few weeks have slipped by largely unnoticed. Watching Black Lives Matter news, reading and learning what I can, the start of the end of lockdown, the return of sports and more, it’s all been a bit of a blur.

That said, it does feel like a new normal is slowly emerging and I’m adjusting to that and, thankfully, finding a new focus and positive energy to take forward.


Not much new this month, mostly stuck to old favourites and easy watches.

  • Halt and Catch Fire – picking up towards the end of season 2 (not sure why I stopped watching it), a nicely geeky drama that spans early PCs into the birth of the internet as we know it.
  • Homecoming – A great turn by Julia Roberts, an engrossing, odd, thriller of a show. Looking forward to season 2.
  • Amazing Stories – nice throw back style TV series, each episode a weird and wonderful tale. Been moved to tears, anger, and laughter.
  • Modern Family – (still) our current go to for post dinner easy TV. Nicely silly, and oddly moving at times.

And sport. Football to be precise as the Premier League finishes the season behind closed doors which is both odd and utterly charming at the same time and as of this weekend, Formula One again, yay!




  • Black Lives Matter – Yes, it’s still going and yes it’s not something we can put aside. We all need to be anti-racist and stand up against all forms of racism.

My Favourite Photo

Fair to say that our dogs have been a huge help during lockdown, keeping us going and (mostly) sane. This photo was my first solo walk with Dave in Mugdock Country Park. He knows it a lot better than I do so I let him lead me the whole way. One hour later we popped out back at the car, still no idea how he managed that!