And then she got married

I can remember when I opened the packaging and laid it out in all its glory. I put my Action Man down on the bed to compare and was delighted to find that my new outfit matched his perfectly; head to toe camouflaged jumpsuit and red beret. I knew my parents would be home from the hospital soon so I put it on and decided to hide in the large fuchsia bush in the front garden, a perfect spot with its dark green foliage and red flowers!

Soon my parents pulled in to the driveway – and they definitely did NOT spot me in my hiding place, nope, no way! – and after they recovered from their surprise when I leapt out at them, it turns out they were bringing home a tiny sleeping baby, my little sister.

That seems so long ago now (because it is) but the sentiment has always been the same. She’s my wee sister. She’s been through a lot in the intervening years, and more recently she’s found a guy who loves her and they are both proving to be wonderful parents to their amazing daughter, which is all as we expected.

And today my baby sister – who I fed from a bottle, who I used to torment on long car rides, who shares my love of a tuna baked potato and a tendency to get over emotional about, well, just about anything – got married. She is now a wife, another label to add to mother, daughter, sister, and so on.

My sister got married today.

I was lucky enough to be asked to deliver a reading during the ceremony and, as I’m writing this post in advance, I can only hope it went down well given that:

  1. I wrote it myself.
  2. Our family propensity to tear up…

That said, I’m sure it was well received and, if not, then it’s just another ‘wedding story’ for people to tell. I don’t really mind either way because the more important fact is simply that.

My wee sister got married today!

And for those interested, here’s what I read…

“Would you speak at our wedding”,
she asked me that day,
and since then I’ve been hunting,
for words I can say.

Should it be funny, or silly, or poignant, or new,
to be part of the promises made by you two.

Should this be about Jennie, this little ode,
Or a poem of love, for young and for old.

Should I focus on Steven, my brother to be,
And find words of welcome, from our fami-leee?

It struck me as well, that you two are three,
How could I forget Lucy, I’m Uncle Gee!

Yet, search as I might, I just could not find,
A poem or saying, nowt came to mind.

I know Dad will speak later, as is expected
And I know that these words will not be rejected,
But ohhh how I wish I knew how to say,
All the thoughts in my head that are right for today.

Perhaps I could just borrow some words for a while,
An excerpt from someone to make us all smile,
Perhaps warm words of family at this loving time,
But … others will do that, before we all dine.

I so wanted to speak to the love that I see,
The laughter and jokes, and unbridled glee,
And the warmth of your home, and the love in your hearts,
But I couldn’t find words to sum up these parts.

Instead I have penned, in terrible prose,
My desires for you both as your shared life grows,
May the road rise up to meet you, with the wind at your back!
Yeah I stole that bit, ach now I’ve lost track…

So … here you are now, as husband and wife,
To continue the slide down the bannister of life,
and with that in mind I’ll conclude and just say,
I hope that the splinters never point the wrong way!

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Doing my best to find a balance.

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