Art in the woods

I am my mother’s son. Growing up my mother’s penchant for a list was well documented, lists of things to do in the garden, lists of presents received at Christmas/lists of thank you letters to write, lists for shopping, lists for holidays, it’s something that I picked up without really realising but looking through my Notes app on my phone and it’s full of, yup you guessed it, lists!

Right now I have a folder in there called Lists with the following:

  • Things to do
  • Places to eat
  • Books
  • Hard to kill houseplants
  • Sipping Tequilas
  • Set lists (from a gig)
  • Bucket List
  • Present Ideas

And it’s from that first list that we ended up visiting Jupiter Artland last week, a place that had been in my list of “Things to do” for a couple of years now after originally spotting it via some friends who posted some amazing photos.

We got lucky with the weather, which was handy as it’s virtually all outside, and spent a couple of hours wandering the woods, along well maintained paths, stopping to admire the various art installations that feature. What a wonderful space it is, plenty of wild flowers, bees buzzing, butterflies and moths flitting, snails snoozing on branches, all to the soundtrack of birds singing in the tree tops. Every now and then you stop and marvel at some art, then you finish the afternoon off with a snack or lunch.

It’s the kind of place that it’s hard to describe but I can’t recommend it highly enough. A couple of the installations were utterly mesmerising – the hauntingly creepy “Weeping Girls” and the beauty of “The light pours out of me” were definite highlights – but each installation gave pause. It’s a wonderful space, and one we will definitely revisit.