The Mothership has landed*

Mum is home!

Look, here she is as she walked through the front door!

Mum is home

Thank you to everyone for their kind messages of support here, and on Facebook which I’ve been using a lot more to keep people, family members in particular, around the world up to date. It’s been so handy even my Dad has signed up! (prompting a mad changing of my permissions… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

There is still a journey ahead, Mum will be working hard on her physio to get full movement back in her hand, arm and leg, but the fact she can sleep in her own bed (or her own sofa) will make a HUGE difference. Case in point, after being home for an hour she sat quietly for a second then said, “just listen to that silence”, and promptly fell asleep.

Elsewhere, life continues apace. I’ve been to the gym for only the third time this year, have tickets for a few comedy gigs in the coming fortnight, not to mention the Faithless gig (tickets purchased before I realised it was their final tour).

I’m also considering cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh (51 miles) in September (for charidee, mate).

I guess I need to buy a bike…

* Title stolen shamelessly from the wonderful, talented, funny Shauna of What’s New Pussycat.

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Ian's mum says:


Now I can visualise your mum. Give her my regards and my email if she feels like chatting. I just can’t think about facebook at the moment.
Mum’s Rule!

Wonderful, she’ll get so much more peace at home. Good wishes to her. If you go ahead with the bike ride, let us know here – I’ll sponsor you.

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