On happiness

It’s a funny thing. Happiness.

Sometimes it sneaks up on you, and it takes a while for you to realise that, fundamentally, something has shifted and you are happy.

Sometimes it whacks you round the head and leaves you delirious, breathless and giddy. It washes over you and leaves you on a euphoric high.

And sometimes happiness is a subtle emotion, quietly whispering in your ear, soothing and caring for you as night descends.

There will still be moments of ggrrrrrrrr and incidents of meh, but they quickly fade and you are left with the realisation that life is good and can only get better in a ‘more you put in, more you get out’ sort of way.

Here endeth the lesson observation.

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  1. Simon said:

    A sign of the times I suppose, but I was looking for the like button.

    April 1, 2011

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