Technical Documentation Know-how

A few days ago I received an email about a new website. I’ve seen it mentioned on other blogs but think it’s worth repeating as there is some useful information there.

I am contacting you because I have just thought that maybe a post about my new web site on software documentation and user assistance could also be interesting for your readers. In addition to about 250 useful links for technical writers, the site for example provides checklists and up-to-date market surveys of more than 350 help authoring tools, screen capture tools, screencasting tools and other utilities for technical communicators. All information can also be downloaded as a PDF booklet (approx. 100 pages).

On the website you can find some basic know-how, checklists, tools and links, which will help you to create clear and concise user-friendly manuals, online help files, software demos, tutorials and other forms of user assistance. Go have a look.

Thanks to Marc Achtelig of indoition for getting in touch.


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