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I’m still loving my iPhone, despite it’s foibles (why can’t I send a link of my current location from the Maps application to another iPhone user? Or even a weblink to Google maps? Or.. you get the point).

To capture my current usage I thought I’d jot down the apps I currently have installed. Because, you know, blogs, lists.. etc etc. So without further ado other than the default applications my iPhone runs:

  • Twitterific – paid version – still a little buggy but easily the most used application other than the SMS and phone functionality.
  • Mobile Fotos – after ditching my Windows Mobile phone a couple of years ago, one thing I missed was Shozu which allows you to upload your photos to Flickr. Shozu is available for the iPhone but Mobile Fotos is a more rounded application.
  • Digital Clock – I have a dock, and can set this application running, set an alarm (turn on Airport mode) et voila, my own alarm clock. Oh yeah, you need to change the screen timeout as well. ONE app to do all of those settings would be worth money to me.
  • Instapaper – paid version – a simple bookmarklet which I was already using to track articles to read later on. The iPhone app lets me read them when I get a few spare moments (yeah, on the loo!).
  • Airsharing – free version (was only available free for a limited time) – lets me easily moves files to and from the iPhone meaning I can do away with my other USB drives.
  • Zenbe – a list application that syncs from the iPhone app to my online Zenbe account and vice versa. Has replaced TaDa lists for me purely because of the iPhone app.
  • Here I am – a simple app that emails your current location (long/lat). Haven’t used it much, kept ‘just in case’.
  • Movies – to quickly find the latest movie times, not used often but v.useful.
  • Palringo – a bit like Trillian, lets me log into multiple chat clients on my iPhone. Not used often.
  • Light – cos sometimes you need a completely white screen when you don’t have a torch handy.
  • VNC – so I can VNC to my computer. Works FAR better than you’d think!
  • WeightTrack – in an effort to lose some weight I thought I’d gadget/geek up and use my iPhone. Had the application for 3 weeks and entered 2 weights so far. Must do better!
  • iChoose – a coin flipper/decision maker type app. Silly but.. MAY be useful someday?
  • Cube Runner – simple tilt based game. Navigate the ‘ship’ through the cubes as you fly through them.
  • Lightsaber – ohhh shut up. I’m a geek and I like Star Wars, I can’t NOT have this on my phone!
  • iPint – really should delete this…
  • Monkey Ball – another tilt based game, guide the monkey in the ball through the courses. Simple, frustratingly hard!
  • Brain Challenge – a nice diversion which has the added benefit of stimulating your brain, keeps track of your progress too.
  • HoldEm – poker game which is curiously addictive and has helped me understand poker a LOT better.
  • Oblique – an iPhone app of the Brian Eno Oblique Strategy cards designed to inspire you to think different.
  • Last.fm – installed after a recommendation, have yet to do much with it.
  • Simplify – iPhone app to hook into the Simplify Media server which runs on my home computer (primarily to let my PS3 see my ‘media’).
  • TV Plus – tv listing application that can hook up to your Sky account and send remote record requests! VERY slick and waaaayyyy better than the sky website. In saying that I think my Sky box needs set up again or something as it’s not managed to work for me, yet.
  • PhotoFrame – nice idea this, if you set the screen timeout to never turn off, run this app you get a digital clock, date and picture slideshow. Only 6 photos at present but looks good. Another app that would be way better if IT could change the settings for the screen timeout (if it’s docked and getting power, leave the screen on).
  • Exposure – location based photo app (amongst other things) which I don’t really use. Can pull Flickr photos based on location… interesting but not hugely useful.
  • Vicinity – location based app that will give you listings of useful numbers (restaurant, taxi and so on) depending on where you are. Not often used but COULD prove useful in the future.
  • Google – quicker than firing up Safari and going to the search bar there, that’s the only reason I use it.

I also have home screen links to Google Reader and the new iPhone optimised Flickr webpages

Blimey, that’s more than I thought. There are a couple there I should remove and I’ve installed at least twice as many as listed here but ultimately these are the ones that currently work for me.

I know a few of you have iPhones (and yes I know a few of you think they are over-hyped) so do let me know if I’m missing out on the MUST HAVE application, won’t you?

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Coooooool ๐Ÿ™‚ I like Tris, a tetris-like game. And To Do, a list thingy. Facebook. The ones I use the most are just the optimised versions of pages I use all a lot – GMail, Flickr, Google Reader, BBC News.

You’ve got to try Fitnio or RunKeeper, gps apps to run along with, that upload your running data – speed, altitude (RunKeeper only), and itinerary on a website. I favoured Fitnio for a bit, but RunKeeper released a new version yesterday that sounds better, will try it tomorrow morning I think.

Waiting for an official Nike+ app, this is the best out there for now. They do not run in the background, but you can listen to music and navigate through tracks with the iPhone headphones or via double-clicking the bottom button.

I have Facebook and MySpace apps but I really don’t use the MySpace one often at all (nor the account, aside from keeping in touch with a few people who don’t use any other form of communication). Pandora app is fun, and lets me stream music in like Simplify (which I also have) though it lets me discover new music. Twitteriffic is pretty good, Twittelator is OK (and may get you that GPS communication you’re looking for) but TwitterFon is my favorite because it’s FAST. You absolutely must try Evernote for iPhone, web, and PC. I added Google Reader as a bookmark and it acts like an app, which I like. Showtimes is useful – automatically finds your location via GPS, weighs in the time of day, and returns a list of movies by closest location and relevent available times. For fun, Dice just to have a set of 1-5 six-sided dice handy (best pocket Yaghtzee ever), Cowabunga because it’s stupid fun, and free versions of Hanoi, Sudoku, and Sol Free (various solitaire games).

Thanks for listing yours. I have a few I’m going to check out.

hans stolte says:

Yeah I like using the PS3 and TVersity Media Server (By the way TVersity works on PS2/PSP/Wii as well, and is cheaper than the sony add on doodah.

(Sorry gordon had to get my 2p in there)

+1 to Evernote. Once they have offline mode fixed it’ll be perfect.

Line Rider! ๐Ÿ™‚

Try Papijump as a nonsense but strangely addictive game.

Frotz if you like text adventures.


I have iphone 3g and I love it.

I don’t have an iphone. Do I need one? Can you phone people on it? When I phone my husband’s blackberry, I can never hear him (I think he has a finger over the microphone most of the time) so I am VERY suspicious of phones that do too much.

When do you sleep? Or, for that matter, eat?

[…] I was reading Gordon’s list of app’s so I thought I would do my own. Warning – it’s a long list as I do go through a lot of […]

I recommend (on stuff you don’t have similar but different apps you are using)

Movies, great for seeing what’s on. Wish they could do bookings in the UK but aside from that it’s awesome
Domainscout, useful for the “wonder if it’s available” moment.
eBay, useful for keeping an eye on auctions or crazy ideas when out.
Fizzweather, beats the heck out of the free one. Much more detailed and much more accurate.

Game wise is probably quite personal, but I’m playing ToyBot Dairies, Right and Field runners a lot.

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