Back on track

Whilst I can’t say the words are flowing all that freely the past few hectic weeks are behind me and, whilst the next few are still full of plenty of things that need done/attend, they are all mostly things I can envisage and plan for so that, somehow, seems like things are better.

Which makes it sound like things were bad, they weren’t, just busy (and even then a lot of that busyness was mainly in my head).

So. Hello! Welcome to my blog.

Ohhh now there’s a thought. I wonder what it must be like to start a blog afresh, free from conceptions and restrictions, a blank canvas on which to paint which version of myself I choose, an empty space to fill with those areas of my mind which I keep closed off to even myself.

Might be interesting.

But no, don’t bother searching, I don’t have an anonymous blog. Not yet…

Twitter remains a good outlet for the odd random thought and nonsense, which oddly should allow this this blog to go full circle back to the origins which brought it to life. I even switched away from having a miniblog once twitter came along, although I still share links via my delicious account.

But I guess the comforting thing is that my blog has never really had a distinct focus, and as it took quite a while for me to figure out what my ‘voice’ was, I have the luxury of blogging about whatever I want, whenever I want. Doubly so now my other blog is given over to more considered posts centred around my profession.

That said, I did recently clear out a load of old draft posts that I’ve kept hanging about for months in the vague hope I might one day complete but as I’ve not managed that up to now I decide, what the heck, and bye bye draft post.

I’m hoping to take a little more time to consider my posts here, and part of me covets a Post of the Week award, mainly for the pleasure I get from writing. But hey, don’t count on it. Knowing me the next few posts will be about my iPhone.

Ohhh, actually, now I come to mention it…

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Long time blogger, Father of Jack, geek of many things, random photographer and writer of nonsense.

Doing my best to find a balance.

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I’ve done the starting a new blog, mainly out of panic that my work had discovered my old one, (which they hadn’t and really who gives a stuff if they had but I didn’t want to put up with snide comments for my last six months) but also because I had become dissatisified with the old blog name. The new name is equally as meaningless but I feel closer to it.

I don’t feel it’s a blank canvas but it’s a chance to tidy stuff up and set out with a newer vision and purpose if far fewer readers.

I’m glad that you’ve got your blogging mojo back even if it is to talk about the iPhone – something I don’t think I can ever justify owning as I can hardly justify being on pay as you go I make so few calls.

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