Firefox 3

Got Firefox 3? Try the Fast Dial extension, it’s quite nifty.

Anyway, I finally installed the latest greatest version of the ‘fox and most of the extensions I use have been updated (the others I can do without). It’s all nicely streamlined and tweaked already, and I’ll need to replicate this setup on my home PC and MacBook but so far so good.

It’s been a while since I did a techie post but later in the week I’ll post up the extensions I’m using, with some fabby new ones alongside some old favourites. Until then I’d love to hear if you’ve got any recommendations.


  1. Fast Dial looks to be inspired by the quick dial on Opera when you open a new tab, and it has the grid of 9 sites to choose quickly.

    My biggest annoyance so far with FF3 is that Google aren’t moving/developing the browsersync extension to work with it. That sucks.

  2. Yeah that is annoying, Mozilla Weave doesn’t look as good so, for now, I’m back to FoxMarks.

  3. My ff 3 told me it wouldn’t install fast dial because it doesn’t provide secure updates (even though I told it to allow). πŸ™

    The one add on that I wish had been updated is tabsmixplus. Gotta love a list of the last ten tabs you’ve closed (rather than just the last). Ah well, I can live without it.

  4. Will, my bad for posting the direct link rather than the one on the Extensions Directory. If you go there on the Mozilla website you can install it.

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