Snapshots of Budapest

It’s taken a while but I’ve managed to whittle the number of photos down to a manageable amount. There is a lot ‘missing’ and a lot of detail I’m still trying to recall (thankfully someone else was paying more attention).

Budapest2008 (116)

(click the photo to view the set)

And before anyone complains, think yourself lucky, my family had to sit through twice the number I have posted to Flickr.

Update: Our travelling companion has posted some of her photos as well.


  1. I am most envious that you got the best one of the little dog with his GPS balloon!
    Has to be a short comment this time, as a large snake went slithering under the computer table this morning and I have no idea whether it is poisonous or not (keep checking my feet as I type…).

  2. Yes, the wee dog photo was the best of all efforts! I’m just envious of all the non-blurry photos you have. You’re a wonderful, creative photographer! Keep on taking those pictures!

  3. Family are not complaining! We were gobsmacked at the beautiful city – only problem was you didn’t leave the photos on screen long enough for us to digest them. We are coming to see you soon to see all 1568 of them with enough time for you to tell us about them as well. Get the gin in!

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