Less words, more actions

Back from a short break in Hungary (Budapest is a glorious city, if you ever get the chance you must visit it) I find myself wondering what to do next. I was looking forward to the trip and have been building towards it for several weeks now. I had planned my work around it, knowing what I needed to do before I left and with a rough idea of what I need to do when I go back.

It’s a little different here on this blog though.

I’ve just re-read my previous post (the big long one below) and it strikes me that while it may be interesting to some it suggests I may be at a point in my career where I need to practice a little more of what I preach.

In other words, I need to start to try to do all these things I’ve mentioned, rather than theorise and prevaricate over the nuances. But then that’s a bad habit of mine.

Sometimes you just need to put up or shut up.


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